Why is email marketing effective digital marketing

There’s no denying the fact that with the advent of social media, a lot of things have changed including the way businesses market their products and services. Digital marketing Malaysia seems to be the only acceptable means of increasing brand awareness and sales. But many people are now of the opinion that marketing efforts like email marketing produce little or no result in this age of social media. This is totally wrong! Email marketing still remains one of the most effective ways of marketing your business online. Here’s why.

1. Email Marketing Boost Brand Recognition

You need to keep ringing the name of your brand in the ears of your target audience. Get them to become familiar with your business and what you offer. Although they may not need your products and services now, some recipients of your mail may interact with you, making inquiries about your brand. This way, they will remember your brand name once they have a need for the kind of services you provide. They may also recommend your brand to their friends and family who need your kind of products or services.

2. People Still Check Their Mails

If there’s one thing that social media hasn’t entirely changed, it is people’s use of email. There is certain information that is best shared via email. So yes, emails are still very relevant and most people check their mail every day or at least every other day. This is why email is an effective way to put your content in front of people. You can be sure that your message will get to them and that they will likely open it. Again, some people consider social media a distraction especially when they are busy with work. They may choose to limit their use or even leave social media entirely, but never do they delete their email account.

3. Email Marketing is Measurable

If you choose a marketing effort whose success is difficult to measure, you may end up achieving very little. Email marketing is measurable and that is one major reason why many brands use it till date. With this type of marketing, you can easily rate the success of your campaign. Going through key metrics like open rate, click-through-rate and bounce rate helps you to understand the behaviors and interests of your customers. Email marketing is one of the easiest ways to know the kind of content that appeals to your customers. This knowledge will help you to create similar content that will capture their interest.

4. Email Marketing is Targeted

Most of the means of advertising and marketing available to businesses are not designed to give you control over those who view your content. Just about anybody can see your content. With email marketing, however, you can segment your email list and send your message based on location, demographics, lead status and other details you have on your target audience. By segmenting your email list, you can send targeted messages based on the interest and needs of your customers. You can also boost your conversion rate by personalizing your messages for each customer.

5. You spend less with Email Marketing

Every business owner wants to save cost and that is what email marketing helps you to do. Unlike most marketing efforts, email marketing does not cost much to execute. You don’t have to spend money on ad space, postage or print. All you need to do is create good content and send to your target audience.


Digital marketing Malaysia presents a lot of opportunities for businesses. Email marketing especially has the potential to take your online business to the next level. It is a powerful and vital tool for expanding your business. If done properly, email marketing may bring the desired result in the shortest possible time. ActiveCampaign Email Marketing & Automation Malaysia ActiveCampaign Email Marketing & Automation
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