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About Website Security

As technology advances, so do hackers, malware and spamming technologies. Websites around the world are constantly being attacked by AUTOMATED ROBOTS 24 hours a day and all kinds of malware are created every day. This requires the cooperation of both website owner and website developer to ensure the website software version is always the latest and optimized on a constant basis in the battle for a secured website.

Malicious activities will cause these effects :

  • destabilized and overloads the server and use up harddisk space
  • slow down your websites and also others who shared the same server
  • blacklist by Google and show red malware notice screen on browser
  • Google search result shows surfers your website is harmful with malware
  • website mainscreen defaced or creates a blank white screen

Buy Website Security Online

This service connects to the website server and automatically scan the files for security issues and remove know malware codes.

Website Security Platform

A complete website security solution




RM 1,199.00


RM 1,270.94 (SST Price)




RM 1,599.00


RM 1,694.94 (SST Price)




RM 2,499.00


RM 2,648.94 (SST Price)

Monthly Cost RM 99.92 RM 133.25 RM 208.25

Order This Plan

* Websites must be hosted with Skytomato.

* Prices shown are for ONLINE ORDER and DELIVERY ONLY.

* All Plans do not include any meeting at customer premises.

* Prices shown are subjected to the 6% SST.

Order Order Order
Number of Websites 1 1 1
Malware Detection
Malware Removal & Hack Repair
Continuous Malware & Hack Scanning 12 hrs 6 hrs 4 hrs
Brand Reputation & Blacklist Monitoring 12 hrs 6 hrs 30 mins
Stop Hacks (Virtual Patching / Hardening)
Website Application Firewall
Advanced DDoS Mitigation
SSL Certificate Support
SSL & PCI Compliance via Firewall LetsEncrypt Custom SSL Custom SSL
Blacklist Removal Google Safe Browsing Approved Google Safe Browsing Approved Google Safe Browsing Approved
CloudFlare CDN Setup (If Required) Cloudflare
Free Plan
Free Plan
Free Plan
Additional WordPress Services
WordPress Platform WordPress WordPress WordPress
WordPress Engineer On Hand Manual Security Guard Removal Manual Security Guard Removal Manual Security Guard Removal
Restoration Services
WordPress Login Password Recovery
File Level System Enhancements
Basic WordPress Vulnerability Repair
WordPress Plugins Verfications
Online Ticketing Support
Priority Support
Telephone Support
Terms And Conditions
  1. All plans are renewed annually automatically.
  2. Strictly NO REFUND is allowed for Website Security Packages.
  3. Websites must be hosted with Skytomato to enjoy our Website Security plans.
  4. In the event it is not possible to switch hosting due to location/platform requirement, Skytomato we will decide/accept order on case to case basis.
  5. Skytomato reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions of this offer without any prior notice.
  6. For enquiries, please contact us.

Is WordPress Website Security your concern?

Like most website owners, security was never top of my priorities. It was only when one of my websites was hacked that I realized how common it was for websites to be compromised by malicious parties.

Want to Secure your WordPress but don’t know from where to Start?

Do you use WordPress for your business website or blog? Don’t wait until your self-hosted WordPress blog or website is hacked to start thinking about securing your WordPress. Act now, harden your WordPress site and beat the malicious hackers!

Hire the WordPress Security Specialists.

Our WordPress Security Services service is ideal for anyone who owns and runs a self-hosted WordPress website to help them combat the always rising malicious attacks and malware infections. Our plans include Malware Monitoring, Security Scanning and Incident Detection and Remove Blacklisting.

Website Maintenance Plans for all aspect of your website.

Maintain Website


  • Your Digital Team
  • Update your website with the latest materials that you have
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Website System


  • Your Security Team
  • Protect your website from common attack and hacking
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Website System


  • Your Technical Team
  • Keep your website constantly tweaked and up-to-date
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Website Security Plans to fix and protect your website.

Website Malware


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Email Anti


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