Go to Market on High-Performance Hosting and Boost Performance by 40%​

Grow your website visitors traffic Nationwide, in Asia Pacific or Internationally with global infrastructure backed by WP Engine, world’s #1 managed WordPress hosting platform.

Your current website hosting could be a problem and you may not know it.

All web hosting looks the same because you can see your website appear on the web browser but you don’t know the technical issues that hinders its growth.

Open up your world with a proven, matured and global hosting platform.

Skytomato partners with WP Engine’s highly optimized global platform to dramatically boost your site performance and promote growth with higher conversions and SEO.

What is the difference between normal web hosting and WP Engine web hosting?

Benefits Of WP Engine High-Performance Hosting


Customers see an average of 3-4x speed increase and staff perform faster content updates.

Accelerate innovation

Launch ideas and upgrades rapidly and safely on staging environment before going live.


Better traffic access from regional countries, improve SEO, visitors attention and conversions.


Fast turnaround with instant checkpoint backup that provides immediate restoration.

Double the support level with Skytomato local team

As an official partner with WP Engine, Skytomato prepare you for success with technical onboarding and launch readiness assessments, guide you in solving your most challenging WordPress questions, and resolve critical site issues that may arise.


Managed Hosting
MYR 1490
  • WPEngine Servers
  • Sites Included: 1
  • Visits /month: 25,000
  • Local Storage: 10GB
  • Bandwidth /month: 50GB
  • Daily Backups
  • One-Click Staging Site
  • Faster Speed With Caching


Managed Hosting
MYR 2890
  • WPEngine Servers
  • Sites Included: 3
  • Visits /month: 75,000
  • Local Storage: 15GB
  • Bandwidth /month: 125GB
  • Daily Backups
  • One-Click Staging Site
  • Faster Speed with Caching


Managed Hosting
MYR 5590
  • WPEngine Servers
  • Sites Included: 10
  • Visits /month: 100,000
  • Local Storage: 20GB
  • Bandwidth /month: 200GB
  • Daily Backups
  • One-Click Staging Site
  • Faster Speed with Caching


Managed Hosting
  • Scalable, highly performant, and hyper-secure WPEngine platform along with a strategic team on standby to support you.
  • Dedicated Architecture
  • High-Availability
  • Easily Scale Resources
  • Advanced Security

The above plans comes together with installation, tweaking, monitoring on WPEngine hosting infrastructures and local issues support. If you want to purchase and setup yourself, contact us for better price.

Websites We Host and Manage

Enterprise & mission-critical features

Get to market faster with our easy to use design and WordPress developer tools.

From effortless Local WordPress development to beautiful StudioPress themes to a vast ecosystem of optimized WordPress plugins, we give you efficiencies and shortcuts to get you online with ease and speed.

WP Engine award-winning team of experts has you covered 24/7/365.

WP Engine are passionate about your success, and their team of experts has the accolades to prove it. Skytomato work with WP Engine Malaysia from build to launch and beyond, and we are committed to helping you achieve any digital possibility.

Play with the big guys.

Our partnerships with WP Engine Malaysia, Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform provide you a range of affordable, enterprise-grade solutions that deliver lightning fast, scalable, highly available and secure experiences. We optimize AWS and GCP for WordPress, so you don’t have to. Instead, you gain time back to focus on building your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

WP Engine is a fully managed web host exclusive to WordPress. The hosting platform makes it easy for you to focus on the design and development of your site, while the backend is managed – such as security protection, automatic daily backups, caching, 24/7 support and core WordPress updates. Also include are developer tools, the Genesis framework, StudioPress themes, SSL certificates and CDN at no additional cost.

Managed WordPress hosting means that we setup your website on WPEngine and provide an already installed instance of WordPress ready to use immediately. We essentially give you time back in your day to focus on business and not have to worry about managing the server side of your site. The WordPress install comes already configured for your domain, optimized for speed and scalability, and with automatic nightly backups. No installations, no messing around with MySQL databases, no fuss, no hassle.

Yes, Skytomato offers Website Design and Website Maintenance plans and we partnered with WP Engine to give you the best of both world.

WP Engine web hosting platform focus on the backend of your site, while you focus on the content design and development. We provide automated tools and make it easy for you to update your themes and plugins through the WordPress repository.

Since WPEngine offer a platform as a service, and manage the nuts and bolts of our clients’ sites and hardware, they do not provide technical specs, regardless of plan size. WP Engine are responsible for the the core updates as well as the uptime, security, maintenances, patching, scalability, backups, caching and speed.

What I would think about is all that is involved to be where you’d be by just signing up with WP Engine. Renting a server, building the whole software stack to run WordPress, and making sure it’s optimized for WP, including a system to manage installs, adding security that is designed for WordPress, backing up the sites, doing WordPress updates, and not having 24/7 Support. What happens if there is an issue and your engineer isn’t available?

Most hosting companies are essentially hardware providers. You lease a small amount of hardware resources, but it’s a blank slate. So you get notoriously poor server efficiency, yielding slow speeds, no scalability, lackluster security and it doesn’t take much to overwork that solution.

With WP Engine Malaysia, it’s all about the PLATFORM – the software on the server, proprietary caching layers, NGINX front-end, etc. This is our “secret sauce” and that’s why the average WP site is 4x faster on our platform than other shared hosts and vastly more scalable and secure.

And, the PEOPLE – the most WordPress experts per customer of any host in the industry. We oversee that platform, managing critical server and WP-related tasks (so you can just focus on content) and providing world-class, prompt, competent Support whenever you have a problem.

Yes you have the option to purchase directly here. Or you can choose to work with Skytomato as your technical partner to take care of all the problems so that you don’t have to contact WP Engine constantly when there is a problem. Skytomato provides complete web management solution and work with your internal IT to ensure the website is always functioning.

As an official partner with WP Engine Malaysia, Skytomato works closely with WPEngine to prepare you for success with technical onboarding and launch readiness assessments, guide you in solving your most challenging WordPress questions, and resolve critical site issues that may arise.

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