Skytomato was founded with a mission:

To Inspire People To Grow By Giving Value

We constantly ask ourselves what it takes from within to be able to create value for others.

We want to use our dynamic expertise to assist businesses navigate the complexity of building business online by leveraging technologies and delivering reliable support at an affordable price point.

To achieve this goal, we instill altruistic values and a growth mindset in our people.

The problem we are tackling is a common one for SMEs: business people are often unsure who to turn to when problems arise with their websites or marketing initiatives.

This is due to the complexity of the internet, which needs technical expertise to ensure server hardware and web software run well, while business people usually engage with creative agencies to market their businesses online.

Incidentally, technical and creative people do not share the same language. 

Creative designers often engage server companies to host websites; they are dependent on the technical people to resolve issues.

Technical web hosting companies, on the other hand, do not provide web support services and lack the creative skills to create effective marketing channels.

Websites are frequently migrated from one hosting company to another when the business engages new designers. This constant shifting of responsibilities makes it difficult to act quickly and compromises security.

Our founder, through the early days of providing creative web design services, met with countless business owners and marketing people who did not know who was responsible for fixing the problem.

With his creative nature coupled with a software engineering background, he bridged creative and technical knowledge with his team to help countless business owners manage their web presences.

Skytomato was created as a platform for designers and engineers to learn and grow together and, in turn, provide better results for businesses. We provide a step-by-step path forward when SMEs host and build websites with us, saving you time and money in the long run.

Without a coordinated effort between technical and creative abilities, most SMEs websites and marketing activities would be inefficiently supported and slow to recover when issues happen, which is bad for the bottom line of the business.

Our investment in web security systems, uptime monitoring, backup and restoration plans, and enterprise-level website capabilities ensures customer online presences are safeguarded and optimized for marketing initiatives.

About Our Founder

From a young age, Kevin’s wide-ranging interests in art, philosophy, science, and nature sparked his curiosity, guiding his path. He ventured into various food and travel industries while studying Business & Computer Science, gaining invaluable firsthand experience in frontline customer service.

When the Internet first arrived in Malaysia in 1995, Kevin was the first website designer hired by Malaysia Online (MOL) to design Malaysia’s own internet gateway portal and its clients websites, namely, KLSE, Bank Negara, MPPJ, Tenaga Nasional Berhad, Rating Agency Berhad (RAM), The Star Online, Sin chew Jit Poh, MCA, Malaysia Online Internet Access, and Global Roaming Service. He later progressed in his career path as a software engineer at multiple MNCs and startups as a lead programmer.

Driven by his desire for continuous personal growth and armed with a fusion of technology interest, creative imagination, and service-oriented mindset, he left the corporate world to begin his mission to share his knowledge.

This transformative journey led to the establishment of Skytomato, where Kevin embarked on an exhilarating path, connecting with hundreds of business owners spanning various industries. Through these meaningful interactions, he gained profound insights into their operational, technological, and marketing challenges.

One day, Kevin met Rachel at a kite-flying event. Rachel, a brilliant software engineer, shared Kevin’s love for the vast world of web development and technological marvels. They share the same dreams and ambitions. Rachel eventually joined Skytomato as a passionate co-founder.

The constant interplay between human relationships and complex technologies nurtured in Kevin a deep sense of empathy and a profound understanding of the obstacles faced by people and businesses.


We are proud to call ourselves a multi-racial Malaysian company, with skilled Malaysians committed to serve companies in the digital world.

We are problem solvers with creative designers and software engineers who understand that digital marketing initiatives need to be supported by strong technical fundamentals.

Why Choose Us

Skytomato is the obvious choice for new startups and established SMEs seeking website design and digital solutions.

Work with us for a blend of technical and marketing expertise, a human-centric approach and efficient web management to avoid the headaches of running a website.


Our primary focus is on delivering strong technical foundation to power your business and we make supporting you our top priority.


Human values are the foundation of our culture. We firmly believe that by providing both our team members and clients with authentic value.


With over 1,000 websites built, we have deep understanding of business models and needs. We offer cost-effective and value added solutions.


We handle the details so you can focus on what really matters, which is your business. Our aim is to give you a worry-free online experience.


Growing people’s life is our mission​. Skytomato wants to inspire people to grow by giving value.


We constantly ask ourselves what it takes from within to be able to create value for others.


We believe SMEs deserve digital experience in which they can discover value, support and quality.


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Customers We Had Work With

We have the privilege to work SMEs from various industry on their web hosting, website maintenance, website design and digital marketing. We would love to work with yours too!

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