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Web Management Modules
    Basic Care

    Technical Advisory

    Manage Domain Name

    Manage Logins

    Email Management

    Website Backup

    Content Update

    Content Care

    Everything in
    Basic Care

    Install Plugins

    Image Editing

    Software Care

    Everything in
    Content Care

    WordPress Upgrades

    Plugins Upgrades

    Manage Google Tools

    Malware Removal

    Speed Optimization

    Traffic Care

    Everything in
    Software Care

    Traffic Data Analytics

    Conversion Tracking

    Layout Changes

    Security Scanner

    Website Firewall (WAF)

    Expert Care

    Everything in
    Software Care

    Code Troubleshoot

    Technical Doc

    Web Mgmt Report

    3rd Party Server Troubleshooting

    CDN Speed Enhanced

Content Update Hours 4
Website Size 1 Website
< 20 Pages
1 Website
< 20 Pages
< 100 Products
1 Website
< 50 Pages
< 1000 Products
1 Website
< 50 Pages
< 1000 Products
1 Website
< 50 Pages
< 1000 Products
Online Ticketing Support
Telephone Support
Priority Support
WhatsApp Group Support
Terms And Conditions
  1. All plans are renewed annually automatically.
  2. 1 ticket = 30 credits/30 minutes.
  3. 1 ticket timeframe = minimum 30 minutes block of work.
  4. Un-used credit/minutes cannot be carried forward and will be reset yearly.
  5. Top-up credits only valid on top of primary maintenance plans and will be reset yearly if not utilized.
  6. Websites must be hosted with Skytomato to enjoy our Website Maintenance plans.
  7. In the event it is not possible to switch hosting due to location/platform requirement, Skytomato we will decide/accept maintenance on case to case basis.
  8. Due to time consuming nature of work which involved multiple skillsets, third-parties involvement and approvals, Skytomato cannot guarantee specific resolution time frame.
  9. Web Management time usage report is only available for wmGOLD and wmPLATINUM plans and provided upon request.
  10. Only request of work in the form of support tickets will be entertained.
  11. Customer will need to authorise any third party vendor to submit ticket on their behalf.
  12. Web Management Packages are delivered online without face to face meeting with customer.
  13. Web Management Packages are only valid for default WordPress with default installation and minimal modification.
  14. Updates or any customization stated above do not include any custom programming enhancements or development.
  15. Web Management Packages do not include any installation of major and advance plugins that changes the website nature into ecommerce or portal websites.
  16. Any software and plugins version updates are carried only upon request and not more than twice a year unless major issue is causing website security or breakdown.
  17. For monthly or more frequently updates of software and plugins requirements, please contact sales.
  18. Skytomato reserves the right to not accept website for Web Management Plans deemed complex or heavily modified or of portal nature.
  19. Skytomato reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions of this offer without any prior notice.
  20. For enquiries, please contact us.
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