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We turn websites into a digital marketing machines that generate interest and capture leads with laser focus planning and strategies.

Skytomato helps Malaysian SMEs harness the power of digital marketing with a proper foundation of solid corporate website presence, optimized hosting, web management and strategies.

As-Salihin Berhad

as-Salihin is one of the earliest Islamic estate planning agencies in Malaysia. Even though its operation model relied on its huge network of agents, the agency was keen to explore digital marketing opportunities to drive up potential sales. In addition, with the growing competition in the estate planning space, as-Salihin felt the need to recapture the lead.

The solution for as-Salihin was targeted at differentiating the agency from the rest of the growing competition while creating an effective lead-generation platform. A rebranding was implemented to replace an outdated website, which was restructured for optimum data capture.

As a result, as-Salihin’s digital presence can now measure various metrics and track traffic — data which is highly valuable as it moves forward with a clearer picture and understanding of its customer persona to capture a greater share of the market.

Suite of digital transformation solutions:

  1. Full digital marketing strategy with website maintenance
  2. Rebuild lead in the industry with new digital marketing strategy and new website branding
  3. To capture all traffic metrics from different sources to build measurable direction
  4. New sales driven and lead generation oriented website

Maplewood International School

When we took on Maplewood Academy as our client, it had just opened its doors as a private academic centre. It was keen to position itself among parents wanting an alternative to government schooling for their children.

The challenge was to position Maplewood Academy within the “private institution” market which was already saturated with numerous offerings (from affordable to high end brands). The success of the online marketing depended on adopting an approachable “voice” for Maplewood to convince the medium-income target market in its vicinity.

A holistic design strategy was implemented to ensure Maplewood Academy was reaching out to the right audience, without overstepping into a niche that was out of its range — and face unnecessary competition.

Suite of digital marketing solutions:

  1. Fully managed digital marketing strategy
  2. Rebrand new website with new content
  3. Awareness, impressions with Google Ads
  4. SEO with content marketing to build presence
  5. Web management & maintenance to ensure smooth digital presence
  6. Monthly article creation and publishing
  7. Target customer persona
  8. Landing page with conversion rate optimization

TMC Fertility

TMC Fertility is an award-winning fertility treatment centre that offers full-fledged services by a team of professional medical experts. It wanted to leverage on its internal marketing team’s expertise for branding but needed support for the technical aspects of digital marketing and website design.

The solution for TMC Fertility was to offer a rebranded website design along with all the technical advice and back-end support made available to them on a regular basis. Fast turnaround times to troubleshoot and resolve issues were the main focus to ensure the smooth-running of a well-maintained website. Web security was also a pain point that was addressed, as well as maintenance and software updates.

TMC Fertility required a hassle-free experience in running their own website, and quick and reliable service through regular communication was delivered, freeing them up to concentrate on delivering their own expert medical services.

Suite of digital transformation solutions:

  1. Website design and revamp
  2. Full web management and content updates for smooth digital presence
  3. Web maintenance and software updates
  4. Web hardening and security

Limra Asset Group

Limra Assets is a company that offers alternative financing solutions in the market. While their products and services had potential, they lacked a strong online presence to unlock greater reach.

The transformation for Limra Assets involved redesigning an old and stiff website into a platform that was not only more attractive and informative to potential customers, but one that served as a great digital marketing tool for the agency. The website design rebranded the agency’s corporate brand with an impactful landing page that helped to drive up leads.

The creation of finance-related and money-management content created a knowledge value for the target audience, and repositioned the company as a thought leader in the market, ahead of its competition. This soft-sell approach helped to build Limra Assets’ online presence and lead readers to the agency’s products and services.

Suite of digital transformation solutions:

  1. Complete digital marketing strategy with website maintenance
  2. Rebrand new website with new content
  3. Awareness, impressions with Google Ads
  4. SEO with content marketing to build presence
  5. Web management & maintenance to ensure smooth digital presence
  6. Monthly article creation and publishing
  7. Target customer persona
  8. Landing page with conversion rate optimization

BCP Group

BCP Group is in the events business, handling end-to-end service from exhibition management to booth setup, and creative design to event marketing. It had a large customer base but lacked the communication platform to engage and retain their interest.

Communication was key for this client. The solution tailored for BCP Group was to plug in great content and visuals into its existing website to showcase the group’s expertise and portfolio of works delivered to clients. To maintain further interest and deepen engagement with potential clients, email marketing was also proposed.

The solutions amplified touch-points with potential clients, created multiple platforms of contact with the target audience, opened up channels of communication and welcomed interest and engagement from them.

Suite of digital transformation solutions:

  1. Customer retention & lead nurturing
  2. Content creation
  3. Email marketing to manage and communicate with customers
  4. Monthly article creation and publishing

UCC Credit Malaysia

This Malaysian licensed loan provider has been in the market for more than 20 years. In the past, it had been relying on marketing strategies such as Google Ads without much success nor proper direction.

To intensify its marketing success rate, we studied the company’s targeted customer profile to better understand its audience. Following this, a revamp of the company website was implemented with a focus on an impactful landing page that would help funnel in high quality sales leads.

Suite of digital transformation solutions:

  1. Comprehensive website design
  2. Impactful landing page
  3. Targeted customer profiling
  4. Sales funnel page with conversion rate optimization
  5. Google Ads placement and optimization

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Skytomato has helped over 1,000 Malaysian SMEs build website designs, ecommerce websites and utilise digital solutions to build business online. Our core team consists of experienced veterans and seniors in internet and digital technologies.

Having worked with regional clients across the globe, we have some of the more demanding requirement in create enterprise websites like creating geo-location targeting, multi-lingual delivery, complex WordPress multi-site setup and advance Google Ads and Analytics configurations.

We understand the importance of making quality with a solid support channel to produce great overall results.


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Software and data experts to analyze traffic and provide direction for marketing move.

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