A Healthy Website Brings In More Business

Website problems can cause financial and time loss for your business.

Old software versions, malware attacks, slow speed loading, old content can affect website performance, wasting valuable time and affect Google search ranking.

Site breakdown while customer is looking at your website

Caused by old version of website software and malware attacks.

Website features and function not perform as expected

Caused by outdated software version that cause incompatibilities.

Customer not visiting website due to slow loading speed

Caused by not optimized server speed and website content.

Clients We Manage and Protect

Join these customers who trust us in managing their web from website design and web security to digital marketing analytics and strategies.

A quick and simple way to upgrade WordPress website

What we do in one-time website optimization

WordPress Website optimization and upgrade price

Carefully crafted wordpress optimization and upgrade plan for serious business website continuity anytime.


Website Optimization
MYR 900
One Time
  • 1 time backup of website
  • Clone website for testing
  • Upgrade WordPress
  • Upgrade plugins version


Website Optimization
MYR 1500
One Time
  • 1 time backup of website
  • Clone website for testing
  • Upgrade WordPress
  • Upgrade plugins version
  • Site performance analysis
  • Remove unused plugins
  • Remove spams
  • Optimized css and images
  • Optimize database


Website Optimization
MYR 3500
One Time
  • 1 time backup of website
  • Clone website for testing
  • Upgrade WordPress
  • Upgrade plugins version
  • Site perfomance analysis
  • Remove unused plugins
  • Remove spams
  • Optimized css and images
  • Optimize database
  • Review hosting features
  • Fix broken links
  • Fix website forms
  • Check OnPage SEO
  • Implement basic security
  • Check SSL / https
  • Review login credentials
  • Review Google Analytics
  • Google Analytics reports
  • Review G. Search Console
  • Review G. My Business
  • Review contact info
  • Review backup procedure
  • Content update (2 hours)
  • Post optimization report

Save time and money when website is healthy and consistently upgraded.

With experience of over 10 years and designed and maintained over 1,000 SMEs website and ads agencies, we have the skills to find, fix and protect your website in a dependable way so that you can focus on building your business.

Improve My Website Performance

We make your website stay up-to-date with technology and improve perfomance.

Reach More of My Audience

We setup analytics and help you understand data for improvements.

Protect My Website Investment

We harden and protect your website from intruders and help return your business back on path.

Why Upgrading Website Is Important

Website speed matters

Search engines such as Google has started using page loading times to rate the quality of a website. A faster loading website is regarded as a better quality website than a slower loading site. Better quality websites get better search rankings.

Your website will be tweaked to load as faster with installation of Cache Plugins, tweaked with image and files compressions, checking of missing files and configured to make sure your WordPress website performs to its fullest potential.

Freedom to grow with technologies

We help your website experience new technologies by working together with relevant vendors who will need access to parts of your website. Furthermore, your staff will be added or resign. All these actions mean information will change hands and your company website need to be protected from losing valuable information.

Grow with your own web maintenance team

We support your web presence, update your website content and provide an efficient way for you to work with multiple vendors of your choice like SEO, Digital Marketers, Web Designers or Ads Agencies.

Value of Website Maintenance :

Terms And Conditions

Why Choose Us

Skytomato is the obvious choice for new startups and established SMEs seeking website design and digital solutions.

Work with us for a blend of technical and marketing expertise, a human-centric approach and efficient web management to avoid the headaches of running a website.


Our primary focus is on delivering strong technical foundation to power your business and we make supporting you our top priority.


Human values are the foundation of our culture. We firmly believe that by providing both our team members and clients with authentic value.


With over 1,000 websites built, we have deep understanding of business models and needs. We offer cost-effective and value added solutions.


We handle the details so you can focus on what really matters, which is your business. Our aim is to give you a worry-free online experience.


Growing people’s life is our mission‚Äč. Skytomato wants to inspire people to grow by giving value.


We constantly ask ourselves what it takes from within to be able to create value for others.


We believe SMEs deserve digital experience in which they can discover value, support and quality.


Follow and learn from our blog to get technical savy and creative in building business online.


Get Skytomato 3Ms in Building Business Online. The “All You Need To Know” Ebook to power up your knowledge.


Get our Company Profile and Portfolio in PDF format for submitting your proposal to the management.

Customers We Had Work With

We have the privilege to work SMEs from various industry on their web hosting, website maintenance, website design and digital marketing. We would love to work with yours too!

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