Why are your Facebook Ads not converting

Businesses generate $2 revenue on average for every $1 investment on Facebook Ads. Facebook Ads surely help you reach billions of audience, but the conversions can be difficult. 

As Facebook Ad campaigns are entirely different from what you are used to, generating revenue on investment can be tricky. 

If you are not seeing any return, troubleshoot the problem now. This blog post can be your useful guide!

Now let’s figure out what’s wrong with your failing Facebook ads and how to improve the performance of your ads:

1. Zero Deliverance on Ads:

If your ad isn’t working at all, it’s important to have a quick check to ensure that there are no non-performance issues in the way of your ads:

  • Non-approved Ads: Before the ad goes up, you have to follow all the Facebook policies. If your ad isn’t approved yet, it’s not showing up. So, edit it and resubmit.
  • Limited Reach Ads: When you pre-set the spending limit of a campaign or account, Facebook stops showing all of your ads.
  • Paused Ads: If you had paused the ad campaign, the ads will stop showing. So, you need to un-pause it.
  • Future Schedule: If you have scheduled your ad to run in future sometime, it will not be running in present. So, conversions cannot be seen.
  • Higher Cost: Your bids are higher than the profit you can gain from your ads. This can appear as a low conversion rate of Facebook Ads.

If these simpler issues aren’t there, you need to work on audience targeting, the creativity of ads, and bid strategies.

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2. Bid Strategies:

When you have a cost per optimization event too high, you are employing a low-cost bid strategy. Here, adding a bid cap to have better control over the cost per optimization event.

If you are using the bid cap already, but the costs are quite high, you need to lower it.

You have to set an ideal cost for bid cost and cost target. Otherwise, there will be lesser delivery if either the bid cap is really low or the cost target is too high or too low.

3. Audience Targeting:

A narrow target audience can reduce your ad’s chances to be seen by more people. You need to employ two targeting strategies, such as broadening the audience and increasing the audience quality.

In Facebook Ads, while creating the ‘lookalike’ audience, you have to precisely define your audience that’s not too narrow. It will increase the relevance of your ads.

For creating a relevant and quality audience, reconsider the following questions:

  • Where are my customers?

When you have a country-wide business, you can target customers from the entire country, but not the international audience. Thus you need to target only the audience that you can deliver your products to. 

For example, while carrying out digital marketing in Malaysia, you have to target the Malaysian audience rather than those sitting in overseas countries like the US or China. Similarly, don’t make the mistake of targeting a few small cities or even skipping the location details.

  • Who are my customers?

To define your customers, you have to think about basic traits such as age, gender, interests, locality, favourite sports, favourite shows, etc. The more precise the details are, the easier it would be to find them. 

However, make sure that you don’t narrow down the details too much that Facebook only shows your ads to a very specific audience.

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  • What language does the customer speak?

Facebook doesn’t change the language of your ad copy; so, it’s important to target the audience that speaks or understands the language that’s being targeted. 

For example, an eCommerce business of Malaysia with an Ad copy in Chinese alone wouldn’t flourish in your country.

Apart from that, you can also include additional targeting criteria instead of excluding the audiences altogether. If you are unsure of what kind of audience would find your ad interesting, you can take help of audience insights. 

It will help you precisely refine your targeting.

4. Creative Ads:

Not only does Ads relevance matters, but creativity is a compelling factor as well. Sometimes a simple headline can bring in a huge audience, but other time it doesn’t. So, if Facebook Ads aren’t converting, start nailing your Facebook ad creativity.

Learn how to create catchy and intriguing headlines. A successful headline shouldn’t be of more than 5 words. Compare the results of a short video versus an image Ad to understand what works better. Visual ads are always appealing. 

In fact, links with videos get more shares than links without it. The first impression is truly the last impression. So, here’s a pro-tip: don’t just focus on your ads but also on the web design of your site to make the audience stay longer.

Do you need mores surefire tips on Facebook Ads? Feel free to talk to our professional and friendly staff to know more information.

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