Use Google Ads or FB Ads for your digital marketing

Online advertising spreads the words in a matter of moments, and gaining organic traffic is not a challenge when it comes to Google Ads and Fb Ads. 

Considering the fact that Facebook has an outreach to about 2.3 billion active users per month and Google reaches billions of people every day through the search engine, email, and website advertisement.

Digital marketing in Malaysia is challenging only if you run the campaign from limited platforms. Now the question is which one is better: Google Ads or Facebook Ads?

Both are equally competitive with their unique features to help the advertisers target the potential audience.

Here, we’ll look into the differences between the two platforms: the Google AdWords and Facebook Ads; and consider why it’s important to use both of these marketing platforms.

Google AdWords

Undoubtedly, Google Adwords is an unbeatable platform for PPC advertising. Advertisers basically bid on high-ranking keywords (having different rates too) in paid search of Google. 

Whenever a user clicks on an ad, the advertiser pays for it; thus, it’s named as ‘pay-per-click advertising’.

The trick with Google Adwords is bidding rightly, to find new customers based on the searched keywords.

If different advertisers are bidding for similar keywords, the one bidding the highest will have his ad displayed in Google SERPs.

Bid optimization is important, for example, for Google Adwords in Malaysia, you can target the Malaysian audience for goods and services by targeting the right keywords.

Google ads

How Are Google Ads Helpful?

Being the widely-used search engine, Google is the leader in online marketing. It answers queries of almost 3.5 billion people per day globally. 

Ultimately, you can access an unparalleled number of potential audience through Google Ads.

Numerous Ad Format Options:

There is a wide range of options to advertise and make the users aware of your brand:

1. Search Network

The Search network works based on keywords you bid on such as ‘courier service near you’ etc. Search network ads are best for promoting your companies and services.

2. Display Network

The display network shows ads on Google apps and websites. If your keywords are related to web content, the ads show up in different places.

In display ads, you can choose to have a video, image, or anything graphically attractive. If you are showing a glimpse of your site, web design matters a lot.

3. Shopping Ads

For eCommerce ads, the shopping ads simply show the relevant products of your brand. The location, target audience and other settings can be customized. 

For example, for an ecommerce website Malaysia, a localized display of ads using Google’s customization settings would be the right move.

However, for a globally available brand, such customization can be skipped.

4. Video Ads

Video ads usually stream on sites like YouTube. On YouTube, most-relevant ads are displayed to help you find your audience.

Google ads repeatedly show up in your searches to convince you about the credibility of your brand.

5. Huge Target Audience

With Google Ads, you can outreach to users who are making about 1.2 trillion web searches each year. Google’s artificial intelligence is remarkable; it increases the chances of potential users in the upcoming years, and for the advertisers to win their target audience.

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads, also known as ‘paid social’, are run on highest-ranking social media network ‘Facebook’. It’s a potentially profitable tactic in every business’ marketing strategy.

Social media marketing helps customers find businesses that they are potentially interested in, based on analytics.

facebook ads

How are Facebook Ads Helpful?

Facebook Ads is the initiator of paid ads on social media. It is central to the digital marketing strategies of every business out there.

Facebook ads are outstanding in terms of targeting audiences. Through ‘Custom Audiences’, you can target users by age, job title, income level, interests, favourite shows, and much more.

By creating ‘lookalike audiences’, you can specifically target your audience and retarget people who had already visited your website.

Facebook advertising is extremely helpful for your business because every brand out there, and every company and its employees are on Facebook. 

So, it’s easier to target any business you wish to serve in the future and any brand you wish to partner up with.

Here’s how Facebook Ads are superior:

1. Unmatched Traffic

Facebook brings together a global audience. With over 1.55 billion active users, no other social media platform can stand as its rival.

The best feature of Facebook Ads is creating ‘lookalike audiences’. Advertisers upload target audience’s information and Facebook data brokers work to match users who the advertiser is looking for.

Thus, Facebook helps audiences find a product or service that they are probably looking for.

2. A Visual Platform

Facebook Ads are powerful and influential as they are entirely visual and probe into the goods and services being advertised.

Moreover, Facebook Ads blends well with customer’s newsfeed so they don’t appear to interrupt the visual appeal of the platform.

In fact, such ads have a persuasive quality that appears alongside your searches making it convenient to find you a good or service you had been looking for.

3. Affordable Budgeting

Compared to the competition to bid the highest on keywords, Facebook Ads are much more affordable.

Thus, Facebook is an attractive proposition for small businesses with a limited budget. Facebook also brings a high return on investment (ROI), which makes it the best digital advertising solution at present.

Final Verdict

Facebook Ads and Google Ads together make an unbeatable combination of advertisement for your business to flourish in no time. Both the platforms are competitive and improve your chances to reach your target audience. 

What you need to practise is how to fully tap on these platforms to get maximal ROI and commendable business growth. For more information regarding each platform, head to our service page.

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