I don’t need a website for my type of business

Simple 5 reasons when you shouldn’t build a website


1. “Everyone has a website”

This is a great reason for when I don’t need a website. Don’t get a website because everyone has one. If you don’t have a plan, then take time to think about what you need and how your website can help people. 

2. “You need customers now”

Simply having a website does NOT mean people will automatically find you and turn into paying customers. Even after your website is completed, you will need a marketing plan to promote it and lead visitors to the site. Additionally, your site will need monthly maintenance.

3. “Your customers are elsewhere”

Find out where your customers spend time online (eg. social media, facebook groups, blog sites, forums).

4. “You don’t have a business goal”

Figure out what you need to accomplish with a website. You won’t get anywhere having a website that looks nice but lacks a clear business objective. If you’re looking to increase clients and sales, you need a clear strategy for your website to be able to convert visitors into leads.

5. “You’re not sure who you’re marketing to”

Your website isn’t for you, it’s for your customers. Identify customer needs so you have an idea of who to target and what motivates them to buy products and services.

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