7 Must-haves for Ecommerce Malaysia Websites

In recent times, Malaysia has become a tech hub, embracing the tech culture like they were its first adopters. Consequently, its internet users have increased by a large exponential value, with every Malaysian wanting a deep bite of the internet.

This has brought about a big boost in ecommerce in Malaysia. For an ecommerce enterprise, it is important that your website is well mapped out.

Your ecommerce website is like a storefront. If this store is packed with hidden treasures but its storefront is left looking jumbled up and cluttered, only a few will be willing to venture in.

Most online shoppers do not have the luxury of time to click every link available on your home page. It is therefore imperative that you ensure an excellent web design. This is to make it easier for people to do business with you, after all, there are a number of competitors hoping to poach your customers.

That said, let’s take a quick look at some must-haves for your ecommerce Malaysia website.

1. Simple yet Enticing Homepage

It is a widely known truth that first impressions count and no other place is it more evident than ecommerce website Malaysia. Just the way you’re attracted to a physical store with a beautiful façade, your windows, texts, images and links on your ecommerce website must be enticing to customers.

Since your site would contain a number of items, it is essential that your search box is placed in a conspicuous position. Push your best products forward and improve your customer personal experience by including things such as past purchases, location, etc.

Ecommerce home page

2. About Us Page

Most online shoppers tend to trust online ecommerce sites more when there is a face to it. New customers would usually be wary of making payments on their first visit to your website so except you have a really popular brand name, it is essential that you let your customers meet you through your about us page.

Make your sentence structures personal with your customers to make them more comfortable with shopping via your site.

About us page

3. Make it Easy to Send Things to Your Shopping Cart

Make your checkout link attractive and pretty obvious. In the cart, the customer should be able to see in one glance, the price of the product to be bought, estimated sales tax and shipping information.

This has been proven to make your customers and first-timers alike keep coming for more.

Shopping cart

4. Digital marketing

You might have a lot of good and fancy products on your ecommerce website Malaysia but you will be unable to get customers thronging in, if you fail to explore the power of digital marketing Malaysia. 

Make use of blogs to advertise your products and explore other options like email and social media marketing.

blogs for digital marketing

5. Web Hosting Malaysia

For your ecommerce site to grow in leaps and bounds, it is important that you employ the services of the best web hosting Malaysia options. It would provide your site with the best security features so that frauds cannot be perpetrated on your site.

It improves your shopping cart compatibility, security, uptime, speed, customer service, SEO ranking and automated backups. 

For a start, you could get a secure web hosting provider that can ensure the security of your website. An example of a web host used by most sites is WordPress hosting Malaysia.

Wordpress website sample

6. Payment options

To make your customers keep returning for more, you have to ensure that their shopping is hitch-free, more so, their payments. In addition to accepting credit cards, let them use other secure payment platforms like Paypal, Payoneer and Skrill

If this is done, customers can just plug in their passwords rather than have to search for their wallet each time they want to check out.

Payment options

7. Customer Reviews

Most online shoppers irrespective of what they might say don’t like to be the first to try out a new product. They prefer to hear from someone else who has tested the product.

If that is the case then, make a provision for customer reviews. The reviews do not have to be positive always, in fact, as a perfect blend of positive and negative reviews can help build your trust factor.

A clean glowing review can in most cases make people wonder if they are fake.

Customer review

In a Nutshell

In conclusion, to keep online shoppers trooping-in in their numbers and giving positive reviews, it is essential that they feel they can trust you and your site is well secured, satisfies customers and well-advertised.

Does your ecommerce website have the above mentioned must-haves? Tell us about it.

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