20 Best eCommerce Website Designs for 2022

There are websites you see, and it makes you wonder. They look so sleek and easy to navigate. eCommerce websites in Malaysia, just like every other website, must equally be beautiful, easy to access, easy to navigate, easy to find products, and fast to open/load.

This blog post explains twenty eCommerce websites we found to be the best in 2022.

1. New Chapter

The New Chapter, the P&G brand, imitates the function of Digital Native Brand (DNVB) functionality in terms of innovation, customer loyalty, and the overall e-commerce experience of their website.

They also carry out rigorous A/B testing that users get the best experience possible.

With a customer-oriented mindset, they offer their customers and potential customers a personalized experience from quizzes to bundles and everything in between.


2. Bliss

Bliss brings the fun, youthful, and energizing atmosphere in the spa and products to its online channel.

The website is filled with bright colors, eye-catching graphics, and product images. The web design will compel anyone with an eye for beauty to explore, combine, and buy.


3. Bon Bon Bon

Bon Bon Bon is a craft chocolate company based in Detroit that is full of excitement and debauchery.

They created a website with complete customization, responsive design, and a great UX to show their creativity and also engage their customers.

In working with web designers at Skidmore Studios in Detroit, they created a fun and easy-to-use eCommerce website that reflects the spirit of their BonBonBon products, Babes Babes Babes and, of course, chocolate.

bon bon bon

4. Crossrope

Founded by Dave Hunt, the Crossroper website isn’t just about selling products. It aims to tell a story. It also provides a community of support with a unique jump rope experience.

Not only are they the only interchangeable jump rope system on the market, but they also have a personal fitness community with more than 75,000 jumpers worldwide.


5. The Mountain

The Mountain, like other e-commerce businesses, had initial success at Amazon, but realized that it needed a place to cultivate and connect with its online audience and build its brand; so they did.

Their website offers its customers a smooth navigation experience and also induces a sense of urgency by including key coupon codes for certain discounted products. They also provide their most

loyal customers with special discounts on different products.

the mountain

6. Skullcandy

With a variety of colors and product photography, Skull Candy brings its website to life with beautiful designs that engage the audience.

The design process and audience engagement are vital to creating a website that stands out from the competition.

The website is designed as a mobile-first experience. The design is exceptional at loading high-quality, engaging images speedily.

The site is easy to use, and every page is filled with engaging content.

skullcandy website

7. TRUE linkswear

True Linkswear posted an annual sales increase of almost 700% after switching to wholesale trade and improving their website design with beautiful graphics and loading speed.

Again, it shows how improving the UX of your website will improve your ROI.

To achieve their fantastic design, they worked with the developers to create a unique theme that allows all the features we wanted, like drag-and-drop and pop-ups.


8. Decibullz

Decibullz, with the help of DigitalHaus’s design agency, took its website to the next level last year. With a new e-commerce solution, their site uses several marketing tools, lifestyle, product photography, and videos to educate their customers.

Doing this hasn’t only improved their ROI significantly; it has also made it easier for customers to find what they are looking for with ease.


9. Cutter & Buck

Cutter & Buck has created a shopping experience that offers easy navigation, shopping, payment options, and complete cashier experience.

It is the perfect example of a simple eCommerce website design.

They have sections like fan shop, pro shop, and other special collections. It gives users a buffet kind of experience.

cutter and buck

10. Cruisemaster

Cruiser wanted to revise its brand and website to be more informative and not just products with prices and additional shopping carts.

This is the most evident in setting custom site-blocking pages and other category pages.

They provide a custom product page with multiple banners, captions, and tabs.


11. JeepPeople

JeepPeople is a Jeep fan base, and its website has been designed with the customers in mind.

They offer sophisticated shopping features that allow the customers to be guided through a personalized shopping experience to ensure that the parts match their Jeep.

jeep people

12. Azteca Soccer

The home page of Azteca Soccer is full of colorful and fantastic product photos – you can easily access all the products you need on the home page.

They allow users to quickly and easily browse the homepage through the various categories or their best products. With this design, users can browse through the website smoothly and find products faster.


13. Fronks

Fronks has a unique homepage that identifies who they are and what products they offer.

They used Stencil and worked with Foda, a local design studio in Austin, to create a super clean, modern website that gives you a taste of their product packaging.


14. Zugu Case

Zugu Case uses the long-form style to share essential product features, value propositions, social voice, and more, and to encourage visitors to buy this product.

It uses this design to present a small number of products but in a big way.


15. Signal Boosters

Signal Booster has designed its homepage with its target audience in mind, by seeking to answer their most pressing questions as quickly as possible.

Their website focuses on business and services. It is also fast, responsive, and easy to navigate.

signal boosters

16. Physiq Apparel

Physiq Apparel creates a homepage that directs visitors to the right shopping experience and communicates their brand style with a great lifestyle and product photography.


17. Scentos

Scentos UX creates a balance between selling products and growing a community.

Before now, they never sell goods online, but they had a significant retail presence throughout the world.

After creating a website, they expanded their presence in multi-channel e-commerce, and by also selling in e-markets like Amazon.


18. Rusty Surfboards

Rusty Surfboards had a task to bridge amazing images with crucial details that professional surfers need about their boards.

So they did – and each product has detailed descriptions that will make your decision in purchasing the right board easier.


19. Home Science Tools

Home Science Tools make a significant contribution to guiding users to the desired projects and products based on their needs.

They also allow their clients to find various scientific projects that they can do with their families and students. Both tactics have produced a significant impact on their web site and sales.

home science tools website

20. Customer Barres

A stunning home page is just an introduction to what this beautiful web design has to offer.

Customer Barres Their personalized product page is a long-form landing page with a complete custom table of contents. Everything you need is expected to be on the table.

With one click, you can get to where you want. From specifications to images and more, this website design shows the beauty of the best dances and instruments.


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