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It’s a bird, it’s a plane! Or it is micro-blogging site? Or maybe it is website platform? But we say it is a the best software CMS developed for the internet!

WordPress Support Services

Skytomato is Malaysia WordPress Website Designer Company and we loves everything about WordPress. We have been building WordPress website into elegant designs with complex architecture for use by manufacturers websites, property websites, product brand websites and websites for enterprises from various industries.

We research and work with reputable plugin developers, using paid versions to gain proper backing from its developer to ensure the WordPress website designed in Malaysia is well supported into the future.

WordPress Website Services

WordPress Professional Service Plans to fix and protect your WordPress Website.

Our WordPress services include WordPress Hosting, WordPress Installation and Theme Setup, WordPress Security, WordPress Audit, Optimization, Upgrade and Migration services.

We also provide WordPress advise and recommendation to the type of plugins and features suitable for companies to add into its WordPress setup based on the available inhouse skill sets and management direction for its online presence.

WordPress Performance



  • Flexibility Control
  • CDN Support
  • Secured Hosting
  • Optimized Environ
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  • Proper Configuration
  • Performance Tuning
  • System Updates
  • System Hardening
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  • Latest Features
  • Better Security
  • Staging to Live
  • Backup & Restore
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WordPress Essentials



  • Identify Bottlenecks
  • Emergency Recovery
  • System Monitoring
  • Issue Isolation
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  • Malware Removal
  • Web App Firewall
  • DDos Mitigation
  • File Enhancement
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  • Theme Specific
  • Best Practise
  • Account Setup
  • Config Tweaking
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WordPress Technics



  • Full Assessment
  • Migration Planning
  • Content Migration
  • Layout Adaptation
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  • User Requirement
  • Custom Coding
  • Integration Work
  • Features Deployment
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  • Database Retrieval
  • Recovery Consultancy
  • Content Recovery
  • Setup Restoration
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