Why you need a cloud-based service provider?

The Cloud and what it stands for

Cloud is a general term that is widely known by people as an area on the web design where programs and data are stored. Individuals who emanate from cloud-based service providers to reach out to entrepreneurs who are in search of web addresses with a creative outlook can find it in the cloud.

You can locate your business in this domain if it exists in the cloud

The cloud exists for consultants and partners, integrators, vendors of infrastructure and software who are growing and vibrant in the ecosystem. With the use of the cloud, a lot of professionals in the industry can get a glance recognition of the web addresses. One of the perfect ways to reach out to those who require more space is through the Dot cloud. A lot of key industry professionals make use of the cloud domain names Malaysia, as it is much easier to locate their existing offerings. Cloud domain name Malaysia also registers new businesses that require catchy or short names.

Join the tech-forward companies who choose cloud

There is startup empowerment by cloud computing in various sectors like education, finance, health, business, entertainment, government, and other industries. From over a hundred and forty countries across the globe, individuals and companies have signed up cloud domain for their websites hosting Malaysia. The cloud is rapidly growing and a lot of businesses are signing up with the hottest technology brands like virtual reality, blockchain, big data, and IOT.

Cloud welcomes everyone

The cloud had established itself and has provided services that have proven useful over the years. It is a major word in the domain name Malaysia. With the cloud, getting a modern name is much easier as you can now pursue your passion, creative or big idea.

Here is a list of some of the best Cloud Service Tools.

Amazon Web Services

This platform provides solutions that are cost-effective, reliable, flexible and fast. It can be used to distribute systematically or strategically any application in the cloud by providing building block services. Amazon Web Services features are:
  • It is faster to reply
  • The registration process is easy
  • Ensures easy to remove or add capacity
  • Management and billing is centralized


Kamatera has a standard pay as you use cloud server pricing. Its cost-effectiveness and high flexibility are as a result of the virtual infrastructure cloud on which it operates. It shares the same similarity to a physical server. Kamatera features include:
  • A free trial service testing for 30 days
  • Tech human assistance 24/7/365
  • Per month or day billing options Etc.


DigitalOcean is not just a virtual machine but also provides monitoring capabilities, security, and add-on storage to easily kick start production applications. DigitalOcean features include:
  • Systematically distribute your standard distribution, one-click app, custom image.
  • Performance plans or Standard plans select options depending on the needs of the business.


Rackspace Cloud computing is another useful tool. The services it provides are a cloud server, cloud backup, database, website hosting Malaysia, etc. Rackspace features are:
  • Migration to the cloud is fast
  • Ensures your business is ready for the worst possible event
  • You are charged on a pay as you go basis


In regard to the needs of your business, MassiveGrid provides Virtual Private Clouds that ensures flexibility to oversee the resources surrounding them. MassiveGrid features involve:
  • Hardware that is dedicated and fast.
  • Provides services that are highly available with quality infrastructure.
  • It provides a network infrastructure that is reliable and fast.
  • With a web control panel that is secure, it is operational 24/7/365.
So here you go, the 5 most popular cloud service tools available today. If you have more questions, feel free to get in touch with our professional staff.
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