Why I should update my website software

WordPress is a popular Content Management System (CMS) that enables users to manage the content of their website and accomplish other tasks. It is a powerful tool for creating blogs and websites. It has many integrations and support that allows businesses and bloggers around the world to optimize their site and extend its functionality using plugins. You, however, need to update WordPress from time to time. Here are three important reasons you should do so:

1. Security

WordPress is a free open source platform with a source code that is available to everybody. One of the reasons why WordPress is a common choice for many is that developers can create plugins and themes to extend its functionality. Since the source code is open to the general public, hackers often take advantage of security vulnerabilities. Hackers and other malicious parties watch the release notes. They start exploiting a loophole as soon as they learn of it. The good news, however, is that WordPress developers are always coming up with updates to minimize these vulnerabilities. This means that to protect your site from being hacked, you must update WordPress regularly.

2. Fix Bugs

When Updates to WordPress core, themes and plugins are released they often fix bugs that were found in previous versions of the web app. If you do not install these updates you will be left with the bugs and you may not be able to enjoy the benefits of WordPress hosting Malaysia.

3. To Explore New Features and Functionality

WordPress updates come with new features and functionality. To explore these, you need to install the update. WordPress hosting Malaysia can help to improve the speed of your site and this will positively affect your SEO ranking. The faster your page loading time, the higher your chances of reducing bounce rates and increasing dwell time (time that visitors spend on your site). You can only enjoy optimal performance benefits when you update WordPress.

What You Should Remember about WordPress Updates

Running a WordPress website involves the use of different third-party plugins and themes. These components which are compatible with the latest version of WordPress help you to maximize the functionality of the web app. When you update WordPress, don’t forget to update these plugins and themes as they are built to work with the version of WordPress that is available at the time of their release. So when you update WordPress, these plugins and themes may no longer be compatible with the updated version unless they too are updated. To ensure that you do not lose data when you do an update or when your plugin is no longer compatible with WordPress, do a regular backup of your website. You can always go back to the latest backup if an upgrade causes the site to break. The backup will also help you to detect which plugin or theme is incompatible with the updated WordPress. It is necessary to always check for plugins and themes compatibility before you update WordPress. You should also purchase or download plugins and themes from only reputable sources who provide updates from time to time. This will help to minimize compatibility issues.


It is pretty easy to update WordPress and enjoy the benefits of website hosting Malaysia. But if you can’t do the update yourself, you can get an expert to do the job for you. If you fail to update your website regularly, you will be exposing it to hackers and you will likely face compatibility issues. When it is time for an update, WordPress will notify you when you log into your site. You have the opportunity to review your plugins and themes and remove those that are not in use when updating your WordPress site.
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