Corporate websites are unfortunately prone to security risks. Un-patched and old versions of website CMS softwares, un-guarded and un-prepared websites present a very serious sources of security risk. You will lose customers when your website is blacklisted by Google and web browsers.

What you can do about company website security?

Always ensure you keep all your website such as a CMS or website software uptodate. When website security holes are found in software, hackers are quick to attempt to abuse them. You will also need to install a Website Scanner to automatically scan for malicious files and engaged a security policy where the webmaster can help clean difficult hackers files.

Secure & protect your web presence

As technology advances, so do hackers, malware and spamming technologies. Websites around the world are constantly being attacked by AUTOMATED ROBOTS 24 hours a day and all kinds of malware are created every day.

This requires the cooperation of both website owner and website developer to ensure the website software version is always the latest and optimized on a constant basis in the battle for a secured website.

What happen when website is attacked?

Website security scanner pricing in Malaysia

Website security scanners scans your website remotely for any malware files in your website.

Website Security

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Malware Scanning
Sitelock Scanner Sitelock Sitelock Sitelock
Malware Removal

Daily Malware Scan
Daily FTP Scanning
File Change Monitoring
Unlimited Manual Cleanup
Vulnerability Repair
Google Blacklist Removal
Vulnerability Scanning
Network Scan
Website Application Scan
SQL Injection Scan
Cross Site Scripting S(XSS)
TrueShield Web Application Firewall (WAF)
Block Automated Attacks from Bad Bots
Ensure Search Engine Access
Block Bots Attempting to “Scrape” or Steal Content
Blacklisting of Clients, Countries and IPs
SQL Injection Prevention
Cross Site Scripting Prevention
Illegal Resource Access Prevention
Remote File Include (RFI) Prevention
OWASP Top 10 Threats Protection
DDoS Protection
Basic DDoS Protection
TrueSpeed Acceleration
Global CDN
Caching of Static Content
Compression of Static Content
Content Minification
Image Optimization
Trust Seal
Malware-Free Trust Seal
SECURE Trust Seal


Don’t Be Blacklisted!. A typical website can have thousands of potential vulnerabilities for malware injection. If search engines (like Google) detect malware on your website, they may blacklist you, damaging your reputation as well as your search engine rank. SiteLock security prevents upset customers and potential revenue loss.


Hackers are smart, but SiteLock is smarter. It scans your website once a day for malware, viruses, suspicious code and application vulnerabilities. The SMART tool automatically removes the bad stuff before it can harm your site. SiteLock also notifies you when it finds SQL-injections (SQLi) and cross-site scripts (XSS). View the scan and fix status from your SiteLock dashboard anytime.


A Web Application Firewall (WAF) filters incoming traffic before it reaches the website. SiteLock’s TrueShieldTM WAF reviews where the traffic’s coming from, how it’s behaving and what information it’s requesting. It lets customers and search engines through, but blocks malicious bots and hackers.


Did you know that displaying the SiteLock seal can increase conversions by approximately 15%?2 It’s a recognized symbol of protection and a “green light” for e-commerce.

Frequently Asked Questions

An SSL certificate secures the information passed back and forth between visitors and your website (i.e. credit card information, login name and password) but it can’t find malware or the vulnerabilities hackers use to break in and do damage.

SiteLock not only finds vulnerabilities and malware, it automatically removes them from your website using our SMART malware removal tool. It complements your SSL certificate, making your website hack-proof.

SiteLock website security scanner checks your website for common vulnerabilities, including phishing exploits, SQL injection flaws, and cross-site scripting. It checks your URLs, submits forms, posts comments and performs other tests to find the application vulnerabilities hackers use to break in.

SiteLock’s SMART malware removal tool automatically removes malware – no action needed from you. Our security system not only protects you and your customers, it keeps your website from being blacklisted by search engines.

No, SiteLock website security does not scan the content of your databases.
Usually vulnerabilities were due to outdated versions of Content Management Systems installed on your website such as Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, etc. You will need to download and do a full backup of your website, and perform an upgrade of your web application to the latest version. If you are using a custom developed web application, then you shall contact your website developer immediately.

New kinds of malware are created every day. There may be a short period of 24 – 48 hours during which SiteLock is unaware of a new attack. We provide an added level of protection by fixing your site manually if needed (Available on Active Plan).

No, because new kinds of malware are created every day and the automatic scanning scans for known hacks. Some hacks still need to be removed manually by a security expert. We provide an Active Plan that can constantly remove such threat manually.

But it is advisable to contact your web developer to upgrade your website CMS to the latest version to prevent this from happening again frequently.

We provide WordPress CMS upgrade services at additional cost. Please contact us here.

Your website might potentially get hacked and disrupt your website again. Your website might also be used as medium for sending out SPAM or hacking another vulnerable website.

Technology advances so does hackers, malware and spamming technologies. This constant attacks need the cooperation of you as website owner as well as your website developer to assist in the battle for a secured website. Hosting company like Skytomato will ensure the server and its network are secure and can only provide automatic based security solutions.

Emergency Plan is only for 1 website and 1 time removal. You will need to order another plan or change to Active Plan or Upgrade your Website version.

Active Plan consist of manual human time taken to constantly remove the repeating threat if the website is not upgraded or fixed it vulnerabilities. We strong advise you to upgrade your WordPress CMS to contain the issue.

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