Website design ideas for various business

WordPress hosting Malaysia is a well-renowned Internet blogging platform due to its powerful and flexible features. Another feature is its highly customizable theme which you can use to design your website to your unique taste. 

If you are an IT guru, WordPress hosting Malaysia theme can be personally created and uploaded for public or personal use. For your business brand to succeed online, a perfect theme should be created for web design.

With over 10,000 themes available on the WordPress theme. Here is a list of themes best suited for your blog.


Jevelin is a WordPress premium theme that is less complex, tech-savvy, creative, responsive and user-friendly. This theme is created to function at a high level providing customization capacities and multi-purpose themes for websites.

Jevelin wordpress theme


This happens to be one of the best-selling WordPress themes. The creation of this theme was to use professional designs, dynamism, typography to tell stories.

Newspaper wordpress theme


This theme consists of both visual and bold creativity. It recognizes the presence of social media and provides a clean, streamlined, responsive and readable web design that performs multi-purposes.

Divi wordpress theme

Gillion (Trending Item)

This WordPress theme is specialized in blogs and magazines. It also has a web design with an admin interface that is powerful and makes it unnecessary for coding.

Gillion wordpress theme


This WordPress theme can be used to meliorate your blog. It can also help to generate traffic to your website. It also allows for your content to be displayed on any device irrespective of the screen size.

Uncode wordpress theme


This theme sold more new items than any other one Themeforest. It can load fast and is a WordPress magazine and multi-purpose blog that is responsive.

Soledad wordpress theme


Although possessing a professional feel, kalium is also an energetic, youthful and colorful theme. This theme is also an online shop, a multi-purpose theme for website, and also a WordPress creative portfolio that is extremely responsive.

Kalium wordpress them


This WordPress theme can be applied for different types of blog sites as it is highly responsive, well-structured and intuitive.

CheerUp wordpress theme


This WordPress theme is based on text. It is customizable and fully responsive. With the use of a few icons and buttons, you can easily link to social media.

Typology wordpress theme


A lot of users make use of the Magplus WordPress theme because it is stylish and modern. It is beautiful, creative and professional. Magplus provides lovely elements for layout and is also responsive.

MagPlus wordpress theme


Johannes has made it easy for new blog owners. It is a WordPress theme that can help set you up and running fleetly.

Johannes wordpress theme design


You can use this theme to create absolutely any website you desire. It can also serve as a personal blog’s WordPress theme.

webify wordpress theme design


If you wish to start up a personal project in blogging, you can make use of blogxer. It is a WordPress theme for online magazines and bloggers.

Blogxer wordpress them website design

The Voux

The Voux is a WordPress theme for bloggers and is highly responsive. Headers who are user-friendly can be generated through a visual composer that can fully customize all pages.

The Voux wordpress website design


Foodica is a WordPress theme that is less complex, flexible and highly intuitive. It is suitable for various projects and websites as it is multipurpose and responsive.

Foodica wordpress theme design


WordPress hosting Malaysia themes also come in premium and are not limited to free usage. Premium WordPress hosting Malaysia themes offers not just free layouts but also more customize options. Note that your website design has to be exceptional compared to other websites and give visitors a positive and long-lasting impression. If you wish to generate traffic for your website, a well-designed theme can ensure that major search engines rank your website well.

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