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TEAM SME Website Design Package

An offer for TEAM Members!
Modernize your company web presence

As mobile internet users grow, so do the opportunities for businesses to reinvent itself. Grab this limited chance to upgrade your website to reflect modern web design trends.

  • Customer browse with certain expectation of aesthetics
  • Build sentimental connection with your audience
  • Revamp outdated design and out-of-touch business
  • Deliver your business message as clearly as possible

Skytomato and Team partnership in Website Design in Malaysia

Bringing Malaysia businesses
into the new mobile internet era.

Together with The Timber Exporters’ Association of Malaysia (TEAM), our mission is to help SMEs ride on the next wave of internet.
With 3 billion users and half of the world on smartphones, your business has to be on that device!

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What a mobile website can do for your business?

Your customer can’t get to know you better if your company website design is not mobile friendly!

mobility is anytime
Mobility is anytime
The first thing your potential customer does is to grab the phone to look you up.

higher search ranking
Higher search ranking
Non-mobile-friendly websites are ranked lower in Google with its new algorithm.

convert into website
It is 2015, not 2010
Your website was created 5 years ago, it is looking pretty redundant now.

launch new campaign
Launch new campaign
Market and launch new campaign catering to new generation of mobile surfers.

show customers you care
Show customers you care
Give modern browsing experience and gain positive word-of-mouth marketing.

TEAM, in association with Skytomato brings valuable online presence to members

We share knowledge with industry players and seek solutions to increase competitiveness amongst members.

team and skytomato logo

Adding value to members
We uplift the presence of our community and share wealth of knowledge among members.
Be recognized as a modern
Gain first-hand information on latest technology and be relevant to newer generation.
Be well supported online
Be positively represented by a professional web company with quality web support.
A prosperous community
We build relationships that last through networks and online community channels.

What is SME website design package offer?

SME website design package is a cost-effective 4 pages website design package that lays the foundation of your business online strategy. You get real people, real web designers working behind the scene to design, prepare and launch your new website.

A brand new corporate image & modern layout.

landing page layout
mobile landing page

A website that caters both desktop & phone screen.

website desktop mode
mobile friendly page

First 4 important pages setup by us to get you started.

home page about us page
product services and map online form

You will get these infrastructure to support the new website.

mobile friendly, modern template, WordPress, professional team
email, web hosting, domain name, support
zeyn homepage screenshot

Test drive the website live NOW!

This is not a DO-IT-YOURSELF website design plan although you are equipped with the WordPress, the world’s most popular CMS platform to do unlimited updates and upgrades.
You will get your website up and running the minute we go live.


Frequently asked questions of having a corporate website.

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We are already on Facebook. Why do I need a website?

A website is your most valuable asset. All other marketing channels like Facebook, Instagram or Google Adwords leads back to your website, your brand. Your customers cannot remember where to find you again if you do not have a website to carry your company or brand name.

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Our company already have a website, it is not working as we expected and most of our customers are through our networks and word of mouth.

The value of a corporate website design do not come from direct ROI, unlike an ecommerce website. With your own company website, your customers and network can help you promote your company through your website address without your knowledge.

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Why build your corporate website DIY way with online web builder software?

You should focus on running the business and not tinkling with website building issues. Why build your own when you can deal online with a team of website designs to get your corporate website live and kicking in no time?

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I have an online shop, I don’t need a corporate website.

An online shop where you sell your products. A corporate website is where you build the company reputation as solid, firm and trustworthy company. It is the most central asset a company can have. It redirects your visitors to your online store, Facebook page or other other channel.

TEAM & Skytomato Combo SME website design package for TEAM Members!

Grab this limited chance to upgrade your company website now with our smeStarter Plan at an affordable price of only RM689! and save RM310! (Usual price RM 999)

team member package price
  • Your Company Logo and Adddress
  • 4 Pages of Website Content
  • 1 Preinstalled Mobile Friendly Template
  • 1 Main Banner Design
  • 1 Online Enquiry Form
  • 1 Free Domain Name
  • 1 Year Hosting
  • 20 Email Accounts
  • 1 Warranty on Website Issues
  • 1 Online Website Support

Next year renewal at only RM 290.00 including Free Domain, Hosting, Email services and Basic Website Support.

Need a plan with more pages and more customization? See our normal SME Website Design Plans, Business Website Design Plans or Premium Design Plans.

Order Summary

SME Website Plan RM 689
SST 6% RM 41.30
Your total is: RM 730.30

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How are TEAM and Skytomato promoting the SME website design offer to its members?

We believed in the creation of positive business ecosystem that benefits everyone through transparent collaboration.

Banner Designs
Skytomato supports TEAM with the designs of banner on TEAM’s website.

Members Coupon
Personalized special offer coupon code. ie “TEAMOFFER2015”.

Promotion Materials
Skytomato provides campaign artwork on TEAM’s marketing materials.

Special Discounts
Special discounted rates to all participants, associations and members.

Networking Tie-ups
Cross promotion across industries and events through online channels.

See what our SME website design can do to your site.

Quality business websites taken care of by professional webmasters

Terms And Conditions
  1. All templates are developed by 3rd party author from All plans do not provide warranty on any bugs or issues related the templates.
  2. Final result of installation will not be exactly as shown on all sample screenshots and subject to the default script provided by the orginal author from
  3. All images used in the screenshots are samples and copyrighted by authors. Customer have to purchase and replace the all the photos with photos related to the business.
  4. All plans are for online purchase only.
  5. No refund is allowed for all plan subscriptions.
  6. The template selected by customer is final and cannot be changed.
  7. Requests for customized website design are not allowed in all plans.
  8. It is the customer’s own responsibility to learn WordPress and create pages and upload photos through WordPress.
  9. The number of initial pages creation are final as stated in the package.
  10. Shall customers do not approve the website design (colours, banners, logo, page formatting) done by Skytomato, requests for changes are limited to 2 times only during website setup period. Once website design is accepted and confirmed by both parties, no further changes are allowed.
  11. Once website design is confirmed and published, requests for changes are chargeable.
  12. Any request to publish pages, fix issues related to templates, upload images and make changes to the website are chargeable.
  13. Additional fee of RM 1,000.00 / per template change and reinstallation is applicable if the customer wish to change the template.
  14. Additional fee of RM 200.00 / per page is applicable if further changes are needed after confirmation of website design by both parties. For each RM 200.00 paid, shall customers do not approve the new design done by Skytomato, requests for changes are limited to 1 time only within a month.
  15. Your registered domain(s) cannot be changed once it is confirmed. Domain registration fees are also not refundable.
  16. Domain registrations are based on first-come, first-served basis upon payment confirmation. It will only be processed upon successful payment received by our billing department.
  17. Skytomato reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions of this offer without any prior notice.
  18. For enquiries, please contact us.
  19. You do agree to our terms of service available here.