Digital Marketing & Web Design for Malaysia's SMEs

SME Strategic Partnership – Proposal

Strategic Alliance to Promote Online Web Plans
to your Clients/ Members or Participants

A strategic alliance with you to bring modern web technologies to your existing clients, members and participants.

How this Alliance benefits your clients:

  • Compete online cost effectively
  • Modernize the important marketing tool
  • Reinvent business with mobile technologies
  • Professional team assisting at all times

Skytomato and your partnership in Website Design in Malaysia

It’s simple

The whole process chain from the client’s service engagement by your organization up to the Go Live phase, using the Skytomato’s web plans will be delivered with absolute speed by technical experts.

Conventional Web Design Company Skytomato Online Web Design Company
  • Expensive and variable pricing
  • Unclear products and services
  • Tough for your organization to promote
  • Need website vendor to explain
  • Small & limited market reach
  • Time consuming process
  • Standard and transparent pricing
  • Clear & affordable product packages
  • Easy for your leadership and clients to understand
  • Detail Online explanation of products
  • Reaching your clients from all States of Malaysia
  • Easy purchase and fast delivery

How we work together to promote the campaign?

We believed in the creation of positive business ecosystem that benefits everyone through transparent collaboration.

banner designs
Banner Designs
Banner designs supported on your website.

memebers coupon
Members Coupon
Personalized special offer coupon code “YOURBRANDOFFER”

promotion materials
Promotion Materials
Campaign artwork for your marketing materials provided.

special discounts
Special Discounts
Special discounted rates to all clients and members.

Networking Tie-ups
Cross promotion across industries and events through online channels.

Skytomato brings valuable online presence to Association and the Members

We share knowledge with industry players and seek solutions to increase competitiveness amongst members.

associaltion logo with skytomato

Adding value to members
We uplift the presence of our community and share wealth of knowledge among members.
Be recognized as a modern
Gain first-hand information on latest technology and be relevant to newer generation.
Be well supported online
Be positively represented by a professional web company with quality web support.
A prosperous community
We build relationships that last through networks and online community channels.

Who Needs This Alliance?

Grab this limited chance now!

Community Partners Channel Partners
  • Associations
  • NGO
  • Exhibitors
  • Virtual Offices
  • Secretarial Firms
  • Auditing & Accountancy

How to get started

We will help you promote the campaign on your website and at the same time, provide a complimentary “FREE” website audit report along with recommendations for website improvement.

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