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An intranet that suffers from a poor user interface, outdated content, a dysfunctional search engine and the inability to be accessed across multiple platforms.

Ready to go
Getting your intranet running couldn’t get any easier. Simple to buy and fun to use!
Stay Fresh
Keep your intranet evergreen. New updates every two months guarantee your intranet will never get old.
Office 365 Compatible
100% perfect for your Office 365 ecosystem. Enjoy your digital workplace!
Social Intranet

Boost your employee engagement by all modern communication, social and collaboration features.

Let’s face it – most employees hate their current intranets

SEERS has the perfect solution for your corporate intranet For too long organisations have struggled with:

  • The significant resource cost of hosting, building and maintaining a corporate intranet
  • An intranet that suffers from a poor user interface, outdated content, a dysfunctional search engine and the inability to be accessed across multiple platforms or used on a mobile phone

An emerging trend for businesses is to adopt an out-of-the-box intranet that has the core features built in and integrates with Office.

In this all to common circumstance an intranet is often hated by the organisation and rather than provide a collaborative space actually stymies the growth of the organisation and creates a frustrated user experience leading towards stagnation, poor morale and a siloed work culture. An emerging

trend for businesses is to adopt an out-of-the-box intranet that has the core features built in and integrates with Office 365. This typically provides most of the requirements for an organisation but also leaves plenty of flexibility to be custom tailored towards your organisations needs.

Communicate the way you’re used to.

Communicate with Yammer
Yammer is integrated seamlessly into our Intranet, taking the role of the social component. Yammer announcements and praises are natural part of the intranet experience.

Interact with others
Social interactions like commenting, liking, and sharing are a powerful emotional driver, engage the employees and help to exchange ideas.

Our Intranet looks great on all devices.

Beautiful Branded Look & Feel
Our Intranet doesn’t look like your standard Sharepoint. It is fitted to your Corporate brand without coding: choose your logo, colors, shortcuts, and titles – make it your own!
Responsive Design
All our intranet themes are 100% responsive and designed with the mobile experience in mind.
Mobile App for iOS and Android
Receive notifications about important news and events anywhere, anytime with our mobile app for iPhone and Android.

Features that cover all your typical intranet needs

Never miss an important part of information again! Our Intranet’s core features covers the full spread of typical intranet needs.

Intuitive News Publishing
Delegate news publishing to content owners, with our Intranet intuitive news publishing tools. Target news per department or location and pin the most important news on the front page. Engage users with commenting and liking. Add images with easy drag & drop functionalit
Create Content Pages easily using Templates
Basic content creation has to be as easy as possible. Our Intranet comes with intuitive page templates that have everything necessary in place, so that your content producers can focus on the content from the beginning.
Company-wide Event Hub
With using the Event Hub, everyone can keep track of upcoming internal events, trainings and conferences.

All features:

Find out your organization’s pulse by publishing and analyzing quick questionnaires on the Intranet. Get insight from your valued employees and hear their opinion!

Intranet Forms
Our Intranet comes with the most common forms such as a holiday application, expense claim etc. so you don’t have to reinvent the Intranet wheel.

Improve employee satisfaction by providing an internal marketplace where users can sell, buy, and donate items.
News alerts pop-up the the front page when something urgent happens.
Information is easy to find using SharePoint’s powerful search experience.
Quick Links
Promoted shortcuts for the staff on the Intranet front page makes navigation fast and easier.
Open Job Positions
A standardized set of tools for managing your internal job market and recruiting.
RSS Feeds
Promote news from an external source, such as the company web site.
Our People Blog
Provide tools for your employees to present themselves.

In the Cloud or On-premises

Our Intranet supports both Office 365 and on-premises Sharepoint Server 2013 & 2016

Built using Microsoft latest technical recommendations

Our Intranet is 100% aligned with Microsoft’s Cloud Add-In model. This means that all the customisations are isolated outside SharePoint. This leads to better performance, great manageability and a future-proof Intranet.

Intranet-in-a-box using SharePoint and Office 365

Our Intranet provides the best possible intranet experience using Sharepoint and Office 365 by filling in the gaps for Microsoft and leveraging all the capabilites of those platforms: integrations to Yammer, Delve, Office 365 Video and Groups.

Scalable and Customizable

Our Intranet scales from small companies to global enterprises. Our Intranet follows standard solution architecture principles, so you can extend it to fulfill your specific needs.





  • Cloud Add-in Model: remote provisioning, client side development
  • e.g. Master Pages are not customized


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