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Sudden errors on your website can cause financial and reputation loss for your business.

Old software versions, malware attacks, slow speed loading, old content, loss of passwords, lack of digital traffic tracking can affect performance, customers trust and Google search ranking.

Site breakdown while customer is looking at your website

Caused by security hacks and un-managed CMS software versions.

Slow update of content not sync with marketing launches

Caused by staff lack of website skills and multiple work load.

Don't know how to use traffic data to improve performance

Difficult to integrate and understand technical jargons.


Clients We Manage and Protect

Join these customers who trust us in managing their web from website design and web security to digital marketing analytics and strategies.

Enterprise Web Management Price

Kickstart your online presence with our managed website design service and build your empire online!


Web Management
MYR 1000

+ RM 999.00
  • Content Update 200hrs/yr
  • WordPress CMS
  • Layout Touchup
  • Web Page Enhancements
  • Graphic Editing
  • Include These Scope of Work :

    Manage Domain Name
    Manage Logins
    Email Management
    Website Backup
    Update Simple Text
    Content Updating
    Content Structuring
    Page, Menu & Links Creation
    Image Touch Up
    Traffic Report
    Install Plugins
    Software Version Updates
    Troubleshoot Issues
    Speed Optimization
    Manage Google Analytics
    Manage Google Search Console
    Manage Google Business Profile
    Malware Removal
    Security Scanner
    Website Firewall (WAF)


Web Management
MYR 1500

+ RM 999.00
  • Everything in Website Designer
  • Content Update 300hrs/yr
  • Non WordPress CMS
  • Hosted on 3rd Party Servers
  • Coding Troubleshooting
  • Web Management Reports


Web Management
MYR 2000

+ RM 999.00
  • Everything in Web Developer
  • Content Update 400hrs/yr
  • Website Layout Enhancements
  • New Pages Creation
  • Graphic Designing
  • Copywriting Creation
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Technology Stack Advisory
  • Web Server & Network Issues

A better way to maintain a healthy website presence.

What we do in website maintenance

Save time and money with our web management solutions.

With experience of over 10 years and designed and maintained over 1,000 SMEs website and ads agencies, we have the skills to find, fix and protect your website in a dependable way so that you can focus on building your business.

Improve My Website Performance

We make your website stay up-to-date with technology and improve perfomance.

Reach More of My Audience

We setup analytics and help you understand data for improvements.

Protect My Website Investment

We harden and protect your website from intruders and help return your business back on path.

Real Case Studies

Why waste months struggling along with different solutions and trying to figure things out for yourself?
Our blueprint is like a shortcut for your business to navigate digital marketing easily.


Maplewood Academy as our client, it had just opened its doors as a private academic centre

A holistic design strategy was implemented to ensure Maplewood Academy was reaching out to the right audience, without overstepping into a niche that was out of its range — and face unnecessary competition.


as-Salihin is one of the earliest Islamic estate planning agencies in Malaysia.

as-Salihin was targeted at differentiating the agency from the rest of the growing competition while creating an effective lead-generation platform



TMC Fertility is an award-winning fertility treatment centre that offers full-fledged services by a team of professional medical experts.

TMC Fertility was to offer a rebranded website design along with all the technical advice and back-end support made available to them on a regular basis.



Limra Assets is a company that offers alternative financing solutions in the market.

 The website design rebranded the agency’s corporate brand with an impactful landing page that helped to drive up leads.



BCP Group is in the events business, handling end-to-end service from exhibition management to booth setup, and creative design to event marketing.

The solutions amplified touch-points with potential clients, created multiple platforms of contact with the target audience, opened up channels of communication and welcomed interest and engagement from them.



This Malaysian licensed loan provider has been in the market for more than 20 years.

To intensify its marketing success rate, we studied the company’s targeted customer profile to better understand its audience.

Why You'll Love Us

A website is no longer an island that acts as your corporate brochure. It is connected to Ads, Social Media, Search Ranking, User Behaviours, Traffic Analysis, Email Marketing and many other platforms that requires many experts from different fields.

We provide you the support that you need and also more with the freedom to work with multiple vendors of your choice like SEO, Digital Marketers, Web Designers or Ads Agencies.

Work with more experts without worries

Modern websites are created through a combination of digital marketers, copy-writers, website designers, programmers, hosting providers and powerful website widgets that enhances the user experience. You need to tap into these expertises without being caged in to any one party.

Freedom to grow with technologies

We help your website experience new technologies by working together with relevant vendors who will need access to parts of your website. Furthermore, your staff will be added or resign. All these actions mean information will change hands and your company website need to be protected from losing valuable information.

Grow with your own web maintenance team

We support your web presence, update your website content and provide an efficient way for you to work with multiple vendors of your choice like SEO, Digital Marketers, Web Designers or Ads Agencies.

Value of Website Maintenance :

Terms And Conditions
    1. All plans are renewed annually automatically.
    2. 1 ticket = 30 credits/30 minutes.
    3. 1 ticket timeframe = minimum 30 minutes block of work.
    4. Un-used credit/minutes cannot be carried forward and will be reset yearly.
    5. Top-up credits only valid on top of primary maintenance plans and will be reset yearly if not utilized.
    6. Websites must be hosted with Skytomato to enjoy our Website Maintenance plans.
    7. In the event it is not possible to switch hosting due to location/platform requirement, Skytomato we will decide/accept maintenance on case to case basis.
  1. Response time varies between 24-72 hours or more depending on complexity of updates. For any emergency assistance, you can contact us via WhatsApp number provided to Gold Plan and above customers.
  2. Web Management time usage report is only available for wmGOLD and wmPLATINUM plans and provided upon request.
  3. Only request of work in the form of support tickets will be entertained.
  4. Customer will need to authorise any third party vendor to submit ticket on their behalf.
  5. Web Management Packages are delivered online without face to face meeting with customer.
  6. Web Management Packages are only valid for default WordPress with default installation and minimal modification.
  7. Updates or any customization stated above do not include any custom programming enhancements or development.
  8. Web Management Packages do not include any installation of major and advance plugins that changes the website nature into ecommerce or portal websites.
  9. Any software and plugins version updates are carried only upon request and not more than twice a year unless major issue is causing website security or breakdown.
  10. For monthly or more frequently updates of software and plugins requirements, please contact sales.
  11. Skytomato reserves the right to not accept website for Web Management Plans deemed complex or heavily modified or of portal nature.
  12. Skytomato reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions of this offer without any prior notice.
  13. For enquiries, please contact us.

Why Choose Us

Skytomato is the obvious choice for new startups and established SMEs seeking website design and digital solutions.

Work with us for a blend of technical and marketing expertise, a human-centric approach and efficient web management to avoid the headaches of running a website.


Our primary focus is on delivering strong technical foundation to power your business and we make supporting you our top priority.


Human values are the foundation of our culture. We firmly believe that by providing both our team members and clients with authentic value.


With over 1,000 websites built, we have deep understanding of business models and needs. We offer cost-effective and value added solutions.


We handle the details so you can focus on what really matters, which is your business. Our aim is to give you a worry-free online experience.


Growing people’s life is our mission​. Skytomato wants to inspire people to grow by giving value.


We constantly ask ourselves what it takes from within to be able to create value for others.


We believe SMEs deserve digital experience in which they can discover value, support and quality.


Follow and learn from our blog to get technical savy and creative in building business online.


Get Skytomato 3Ms in Building Business Online. The “All You Need To Know” Ebook to power up your knowledge.


Get our Company Profile and Portfolio in PDF format for submitting your proposal to the management.

Customers We Had Work With

We have the privilege to work SMEs from various industry on their web hosting, website maintenance, website design and digital marketing. We would love to work with yours too!

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