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Promotions and Coupons

Discount coupon is a powerful tool to boost sales. It can be created easily based on specific categories or products, configured in fixed or percentage amount, free shipping and campaign dates and durations.

Gift Voucher

Your customers can purchase gift vouchers (e.g. RM100) and give to her friend as a gift. Her friend can then use the voucher to purchase any products and enjoy RM100 discount on the total order. Another great tool to promote your store and products.

Newsletter Marketing

Your customers have the option of subscribing to your newsletter. UniCart is seamlessly integrated with MailChimp newsletter program, so you can send them important updates and special offers at your store easily.

Affiliate System

Pay commission to your affiliate for any sales they refer to your store. Affiliate can make money while your store will get more traffic and sales.

Bulk Discounts Per Product

In order to encourage shopper to buy more from you, you can set bulk discount for your products, e.g. buy 1 item = RM100, buy 2-5 items = RM80/item, buy 6-10 items = RM60/item.

Customer Group Pricing

You can have multiple pricing levels created for each customer group – e.g. retailers, wholesalers, VIP etc. You can also assign customers to different customer groups. So when they login, they can only see prices according to their allocated customer group.

Rewards Point

Offer reward points to customers for buying any products. They can redeem for items later by using these points. This will encourage them to come back and purchase from you again.

Store Credit

Store credit can be used in several scenarios:-

  1. Order total is RM336.50, customer directly bank in RM340 via ATM. You can credit balance RM3.50 into their account, they can redeem it in the next purchase.
  2. Encourage shopper to sign up to your newsletter or like your facebook page, assign certain store credit to their account as a reward.
  3. If customers would like to get a refund on their purchased products, you may refund them by offering store credit into their account so that they can use the credit for their next purchases.

Featured Products

You can easily add certain products to the featured or special page to amplify your products to your customers. It can be assigned on the front page or any other pages in your store.

Discount Countdown Timer

Display countdown timer for a discount or special product that you would wish to sell for a limited time. This will encourage your customers to grab the item before promotion ends.

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