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Glowmedics Clinic

Glowmedics Clinic is a newly established GP clinic in Bandar Puteri Puchong, Selangor, with cutting-edge facility to accommodate any of medical requirements, from routine checkups and preventative care to complex diagnostic tests and treatment.

The Solution

Focused on establish a strong online presence for the new clinic’s online profile and create a welcoming online environment. The work involved the design and development of a professional website, along with the setup of a Facebook Page and Google Business Profile. Additionally, the website was designed to be multilingual, catering to speakers of Bahasa Melayu, English, and Mandarin.


  1. Corporate Online Identity
  2. Website with Multilingual Support
  3. Facebook Page and Google Business Profile Setup
  4. Targeted Google Ads with Brand Awareness
  5. Fast Business Web Hosting

Major Music Academy

Major Music Academy is an educational institution dedicated
providing aspiring musicians with opportunities to learn from notable and active industry professionals. Major Music Academy offers a diverse range of music lessons to individuals, including children as young as 4 years old.

The Solution

Website design emphasised on Major Music Academy’s many music courses, includes engaging visuals that resonates with Major Music Academy’s brand image and ensured a navigation system that is clear and user-friendly. Additionally, a Google Ads service was implemented to generate leads and inquiries regarding their music courses.


  1. Strategic Website Redesign
  2. Enhance Online Branding
  3. Homepage/Landing Page with Customer Pain Point
  4. Monitoring and Optimization of Google Ads

Rejuvenate Healthcare

Rejuvenate is a new stem cell therapy healthcare company in Malaysia with cutting-edge and patented technology to harness the transformative power of stem cell therapy to help aging and ailment problems.

The Solution

Prioritize clarity and easy to read flow. We emphasize the problems faced by the effects of aging and the solutions offered. Colors to suit the logo design with the use of lifestyle photos to highlight the benefits of the therapies. We also guided the client on Google Business Profile and Ads setup.


  1. Register new Malaysia Domain
  2. Corporate Online Identity
  3. Homepage/Landing Page with Customer Pain Point
  4. Google Business Profile Setup
  5. Preparation for Google Ads
  6. Fast Business Web Hosting
  7. Corporate Branded Email Accounts
  8. Google Analytics and Search Console to Monitor Traffic

British Rock Tools

British Rock Tools is the main distributor of Padley & Venables Contractors’ Tools in Malaysia. They offer tools for Road Breaking, Asphalt Cutting, Digging, Trenching, Tamping and Demolition work. After years in business without a proper web presence, British Rock Tools engages Skytomato to build a new website to get them started on their digital journey.

The Solution

A corporate website design that highlights their company and key products from the primary principal. Colours and concepts must correspond to the corporate identity, products and services offered. Skytomato collaborated with the client to build up new content for the product pages and added keywords for SEO purposes.


  1. Register new Malaysia Domain
  2. Corporate Online Identity
  3. Fast Business Web Hosting
  4. Corporate Branded Email Accounts
  5. Google Analytics and Search Console to Monitor Traffic

Three Liberty

Three Liberty is a fund management & SME business consultancy specializing in SME business to help them transform into outstanding investment opportunities.

The Solution

The client has a specific requirement for the website design to have a clear and simple layout that projects a clean and professional image. After selecting a few layouts, we developed the website with the use of white spaces to provide purity and simplicity to project trust and professionalism. High-resolution images of business people are also used to capture the essence of the business.


  1. Register new Malaysia Domain (.my)
  2. Website Design with Corporate Online Identity
  3. Speed Optimised Website
  4. Fast Business Web Hosting
  5. Business Email Accounts
  6. Google Analytics and Search Console to Monitor Traffic

MKLim Transport

MKLim Transport is a shipping and logistics company in Malaysia that has been a long-standing member of the Federation of Malaysia Freight Forwarders (FMFF).

Today, MKLim Transport presence is conspicuous in both the domestic as well as the overseas market, with international links in more than 50 global locations.

The Solution

The business has been established for many years, but they don’t have a website. All their marketing material was in PDFs and emails. The client helps us understand their needs through their corporate profile in pdf format, and we manage to translate the look and feel into a web format and better presentation.


  1. Register new Malaysia Domain
  2. Website Design
  3. Fast Business Web Hosting
  4. Corporate Branded Email Accounts
  5. Google Analytics and Search Console to Monitor Traffic

Excel Tech Solutions

Exceltech was founded and established in early 2006, with a dedicated team of IT personnel holding vast experience. They have built a network of business and clientele in the ever growing Retail Merchandise and F&B industry.

The Solution

Excel Tech has an old website built earlier with older technology like Flash, which is obsolete now. After many rounds of discussions and revisions, Skytomato rebuilt their website with the look and feel of a modern business that is on par with many of the bigger giants in the industry. We also migrated their old email servers to Skytomato business email server to help the customer save money.


  1. Web Design with Corporate Online Identity
  2. Fast Business Web Hosting
  3. Email Migration
  4. Google Analytics and Search Console to Monitor Traffic
  5. OnPage SEO


LIGHTMAKERS is a global lighting design & consultancy working with architects, interior designers, landscape architects and clients across Asia. They provide expertise in lighting techniques that enliven space and service the vision of our clients in any projects (Commercial, Residential and Hospitality).

The Solution

As one of the top lighting companies in Malaysia, Lightmakers has undergone a couple of revamps of its website with Skytomato. Precise art direction is provided by the client, and we work closely to achieve the ambience that they seek. We work closely with the client to identify the keywords to increase search ranking.


  1. Register new Malaysia Domain
  2. Web Design with Corporate Online Identity
  3. Fast Business Web Hosting
  4. Corporate Branded Email Accounts
  5. Google Analytics and Search Console to Monitor Traffic
  6. OnPage SEO

Structural Repair

Structural Repair has been established since 1985 and is one of the industry leader with total ability in building repairs, protection and restoration.

The Solution

StructuralRepair has multiple services, and we implement customer pain point design principles with page navigations that link services to portfolios of work to create a seamless browsing experience. To keep its Google search ranking, we added a blog section where the client adds monthly articles with relevant keywords. Skytomato provides website maintenance services to the client to update content on a monthly basis.


  1. Register new Malaysia Domain (
  2. Website Design with Landing Page designed with Customer Pain Point
  3. Speed Optimized Website
  4. SEO Ranking Tracking
  5. Google Business Profile Setup
  6. Blog Management
  7. Fast Business Web Hosting
  8. Corporate Branded Email Accounts
  9. Setup Google Analytics and Search Console to Monitor Traffic

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