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Kajang 2

MKH Berhad’s Kajang 2 prioritises smart city mobility, connectivity, and sustainability. This Malaysian megadevelopment has a Persiaran Bangi overpass, an innovative township and Japanese-inspired residences. The master plan provides commercial properties, luxury and inexpensive homes, and vital facilities for urban comfort. This modern lifestyle model is sustainable.

The Solution

Emphasize clarity and a seamless narrative. Highlight challenges in the urban landscape and Kajang 2’s solutions. Align color schemes with the project’s logo, incorporating lifestyle photos to showcase the development’s benefits and innovations.


  • Secure Domain
  • Craft a Homepage/Landing Page Addressing Resident Needs
  • Managed Web Services
  • Implement Fast and Reliable Web Hosting for Seamless Online Experience

Kajang 2 Akina

Kajang 2 Akina, MKH Berhad’s one latest project, redefines modern living with contemporary design and sustainability. This dynamic residential development sets a new standard for vibrant and eco-friendly lifestyles, offering the epitome of urban living.

The Solution

Prioritize a clear and cohesive narrative to underscore urban challenges and Kajang 2 Akina’s innovative solutions. Align visual elements, such as color schemes, with the project’s branding for a cohesive online presence. Utilize lifestyle photos strategically to highlight the unique benefits and innovations offered by this residential development.


  • Distinct Domain: Secure for a unique online identity.
  • Compelling Branding: Craft a strong online identity resonating across platforms.
  • Optimized Homepage: Design an interactive homepage showcasing Kajang 2 Akina’s unique features.
  • Implement Fast and Reliable Web Hosting

Milla Residence

Milla’s Residence by Beverly WM, a subsidiary of Beverly Group Sdn Bhd, revitalizes community living in tune with modern trends. Focused on enhancing well-being, safety, and convenience, it weaves nature into everyday life, fostering connections and elevating the living experience beyond mere residency.

The Solution

Our strategy includes creatively designing Milla Residence’s website layout for clear visibility of facility locations. Paired with a location plan, aligned color scheme, and lifestyle photos, it effectively highlights the project’s innovations and benefits for a distinctive living experience.


  • Modern Website Design: Implemented a holistic and modern design for the website
  • Corporate Identity: Cultivated a robust identity across platforms, aligning with Milla’s modern design principles.
  • Optimized Hosting: Ensured fast, reliable web hosting, complementing Milla’s modern project features.

Nexus Taman Pertama

Introducing Nexus Taman Pertama by MKH Development, a subsidiary of MKH Berhad. Aligned with MKH’s TODs, it represents urban evolution, crafting vibrant, sustainable communities. Nexus embraces MKH’s SMART FEATURES, redefining modern living with seamlessly connected smart homes.

The Solution

Designing Nexus Taman Pertama’s website layout prioritizes clear visibility of features. With strategic facility locations, a location plan, and a cohesive color scheme, we aim to highlight project innovations. Lifestyle photos enhance the user experience, creating a distinctive online presence that reflects the unique living offered by Nexus Taman Pertama.


  • Secure exclusive domain:
  • Design user-centric homepage showcasing Nexus Taman Pertama’s unique features.
  • Ensure efficient, reliable web hosting for optimal online performance.

Beverly Group

Beverly Group, a subsidiary of Qingdao Investments, has been a prominent player in construction and development since 1980. Notable projects across Asia include Marc Service Residence and 28 Boulevard in Kuala Lumpur. Known for creating lifestyle concepts that blend luxury and functionality, Beverly Group excels in design, quality, and safety.

The Solution

For Beverly Group’s website, we design a user-friendly layout displaying project progress, using a color scheme from the corporate logo. This approach not only showcases ongoing projects but also creates a distinct online identity for the company.


  • Branding Consistency: Integrate logo colors for a unified online identity.
  • Storytelling: Engage with concise content showcasing values.
  • Accessibility: Prioritize user-friendly features for broad engagement.
  • Corporate Online Identity – Enterprise Web Design

Paradigm Residence

WCT Land, the Property Development and Investment & Management Division of WCT Group, work with Skytomato to elevate the digital presence of their prestigious project – Paradigm Residence, located above Paradigm Mall in Johor Bahru. Paradigm Residence redefines urban living, offering a modern sanctuary above Johor Bahru’s most vibrant shopping center.

The Solution

We initiated a strategic web design process to create a visually stunning and user-friendly website that mirrors the sophistication of Paradigm Residence. Implemented innovative features, including a 3D VR tour and interactive floor plans, providing a captivating online experience for potential buyers.


  • Responsive Web Design
  • Storytelling Web Design
  • Enhanced Online Presence
  • Strategic Homepage/ Landing Page Web Design


Propelland presents Taman Seri Merbau, a prestigious modern residential development in Triang. This 2-storey and 2 1/2 storey masterpiece is set to redefine luxury living within the first guarded community in the Triang, Malaysia.

The Solution

Taman Seri Merbau by Propelland focuses on delivering an unparalleled living experience through innovative design, high-end features, and the security of a guarded community. The website is designed to showcase its unique features, site plan, and floor plans, aimed to inviting potential homeowners inquire for more information.


  • Responsive Website Design
  • Speed Optimized Website
  • Strategic CTAs Landing Page
  • Targeted Digital Marketing
  • Google Ads and Facebook Ads Optimization

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