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Propelling Clinic Growth Through Online Presence

We are a trusted healthcare facility dedicated to providing high-quality medical care and personalized attention to our patients. We prioritize your well-being and strive to offer a wide range of medical services to meet your unique healthcare needs.

Act I – The Challenge: Launching Without Brand Recognition

As a new general clinic in Puchong, Glowmedics faced building awareness and attracting patients without a reputation. The creator viewed their business to become among the leading chains of clinics in the Malaysian country. However, as a startup, Glowmedics first needed a sturdy base to grow. With overwhelming healthcare competition, success seemed uncertain. Numerous treatment choices meant patients could easily pick another clinic. Without brand familiarity or visibility, how could an untested clinic stand apart?

Digital marketing was essential, but Glowmedics lacked in-house expertise. As dedicated caregivers, online promotion was outside their core skills. For small clinics, digital presence is vital with limited budgets. Paid options like ads or billboards are unrealistic. Glowmedics needed an affordable online identity to build visibility and draw local patients. But crafting this from scratch seemed impossible.

Act II – The Solution: Strategic Online Marketing

Glowmedics partnered with us. As an experienced marketing agency, our campaign focused on developing the clinic’s online presence across channels. We built an intuitive clinic website showcasing services, staff, and location. Optimized content portrayed Glowmedics as trusted and patient-focused. This was the hub directing traffic for digital promotion.

Additionally, Google and Facebook ads targeted nearby demographics to raise awareness. Analytics tracking monitored engagement. We also grew social exposure by managing Glowmedics’ Facebook page. Combining website, advertising, analytics, and social promotion aimed to expand visibility and patients quickly. Our solutions required only a reasonable monthly budget, fitting their limited marketing capacity.

Act III – The Results: Thriving Online Presence and Patient Growth

The online campaign produced swift growth for Glowmedics. The website attracted over 5,000 visitors and 1,000 ad clicks rapidly after launch. Their Facebook page accumulated 500 followers. Analytics revealed high-demand service offerings. Most importantly, the digital presence drove significant new patient bookings. By establishing online visibility and directing local promotion, Glowmedics saw steady bookings shortly after launch.
Within one month, the clinic operated at full capacity. Digital visibility allowed reaching nearby residents unaware of the clinic. As the patient base grew swiftly, Glowmedics proceeded toward expansion goals. Strategic online presence catalyzed gaining recognition despite initial obscurity. Digital marketing solutions enabled driving initial patient acquisition and visibility in a crowded healthcare market. This growth propelled ambitious expansion plans nationwide.

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Skytomato has helped over 1,000 Malaysian SMEs build website designs, ecommerce websites and utilise digital solutions to build business online. Our core team consists of experienced veterans and seniors in internet and digital technologies.

Having worked with regional clients across the globe, we have some of the more demanding requirement in create enterprise websites like creating geo-location targeting, multi-lingual delivery, complex WordPress multi-site setup and advance Google Ads and Analytics configurations.

We understand the importance of making quality with a solid support channel to produce great overall results.


Technical savy and creative in building functional and branded quality websites.


Systematic ticketing and reporting tools to response to update and track requests.


Software and data experts to analyze traffic and provide direction for marketing move.

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