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A Blueprint To Build Business Online In Malaysia

Waste no more time constantly building and revamping websites that are nice to look at but do not translate to sales revenue. We build your online presence with high performance websites and strategy with one focus in mind. Your intended target audience.


    What do you want out of your website?
    Is your website designed for sales?
    Are your customers asking about your services?
    Do you see sales coming from online?

Most SMEs Websites Will Never Generate Lead Without The Right Help.

You don’t want to be left in this part of the equation. You have been through countless of website building discussions with your web and digital vendors only to find that each discussion is like starting all over again without seeing results. It doesn’t have to be this way for you though.

We are here to help your business achieve growth online knowing which part to move forward and which to leave it as it is. We build websites with business in mind and a clear digital strategy formulated specifically for the Malaysia market.

Here’s A Brief Outline Of What We’ll Cover In The Free Strategy and Grow Health Check

  • Digital Direction Roadmap
    We will provide a digital roadmap of what you can do to increase traffic, leads, sales and put your business in a better position Malaysia's online marketplace.
  • Traffic Analysis
    We identify top keywords that are driving traffic to your website and advise the right channel to engage traffic based on your business nature.
  • Competitor Keywords Analysis
    We look at trends, search volumes, search suggestions and the keywords your competitors using to plan for your business online growth.
  • SEO Audit
    There is a lot of SEO audit methodology out there and it can be difficult to know where to begin. We break it down to the most important factor that should be your concern.

You’ll be getting these reports specifically for your business.

Our digital consultant will review your business online and run advanced analysis of your website and identify conversion gaps that could help you grow your business.

Save Yourself Years Of Costly Trial & Error By Using Our Strategy To Bring In Traffic


  • Are you trying to do every little website building chores yourself?
  • Are you learning digital marketing yourself taking away important business time?
  • Are you hearing many advice on digital advertisements but not knowing where to start?
  • Is your competitor gaining online ground but you are still stuck with your old website?
  • Are you trying to impress your stakeholders with a solid digital marketing plan for the company?

The Internet is a complex beast with complex architecture from naming a right domain name, having an optimized hosting, securing the web, the proper website design, having the right website maintenance team to having the right digital marketing strategy.

All the above are not some simple skillset a single person can handle alone.

Especially not when we have other business aspect like product relevance and margins, target audience and traffic analysis to worry about.


Founded in 2013, Skytomato as evolved from a web design company into a digital technology driven provider to deliver online marketing and presence so that businesses can thrive online. We combine insightful and creative digital strategy with cutting-edge technology to deliver a full suite of web management services from infrastructure to designs and marketing strategies. Over the years our team have built over 1000+ websites and currently manages over 500+ clients in their web & digital presence.

We are one of the authorized domain name partner of MYNIC (Malaysia Domain Name Registrar) to promote internet usage to businesses in Malaysia.

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Here is how it works. First we will review your website for any problems that are affecting your growth. After analyzing the first review, we will schedule a call session with you to understand your business in detail, your target market in Malaysia, your competitors, sales processes and your goals.

Based on what you tell us, your dedication and commitment to the business online success, we will create a custom digital marketing roadmap and website audit report specially for your business.

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