6 Misconceptions About Web Design & Development

When it comes to how much it costs to build a website, many people think that getting the cheapest option possible is the best way to go. 

However, this can cost you in the long run if your website doesn’t look good or function properly, which may lead to hiring someone else down the road to six those problems, which can cost you even more money! 

The following are six common misconceptions about web design Malaysia and development that may lead you to decide that ultimately does not benefit your company.

6 Misconceptions About Web Design & Development

1. Misconception: Web Design And Development Is All About The Code

Fact: While coding is an important part of web design and development, it’s only a small part of the process. 

A successful website also requires planning, research, content creation, graphic design, user experience design, and more.

2. Misconception: Anyone Can Learn To Code

Fact: Coding is a complex skill that takes years of practice to master. While someone with no coding experience can learn the basics.

It’s unlikely they’ll be able to create anything truly impressive or innovative without a significant investment of time and effort.

Furthermore, coding is only one small part of web design and development. So even if someone can code, that doesn’t mean they’ll be able to create a great website.

3. Misconception: It's Easy To Find A Web Designer Or Developer

Fact: While many people claim to be web designers or developers, finding someone with the skills and experience necessary to create a high-quality website can be difficult. 

Furthermore, even if you find someone with the right skills. They may not be available or affordable for your project.

4. Misconception: Web Designers And Developers Are Interchangeable

Fact: While both web designers and developers create websites, they do so differently. Designers focus on the look and feel of a site. 

However developers focus on the code that makes it work. You’ll need both a designer and a developer to create a successful website in most cases.

5. Misconception: It's Easy To Design And Develop A Website Yourself

Fact: While there are some simple website builders out there that can help you create a basic site, designing and developing a truly great website is a complex process that is best left to professionals. 

However, if you do want to try your hand at it, be prepared to invest a lot of time and effort into learning everything you need to know.

6. Misconception: Once You Have A Website, That's All You Need

Fact: A website is not a static thing; it needs to be regularly updated and maintained if you want it to stay effective. 

This means adding new content, fixing broken links, ensuring the site are compatible with new technologies, plug-ins and more. 

Depending on the size and complexity of your site, this can be a significant amount of work.


Creating a website is a complex process that requires knowledge in many different areas, from coding to graphic design to user experience. 

It’s important to understand all aspects of web design and development before you start building your site. Otherwise, you may end up with a subpar product that ends up costing you more money in the long run.

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