4 Types Of Content Your Service-Based Business Website Needs

With the explosive growth of content marketing and the ease with which businesses can publish their own Business Website Content, why do so many businesses overlook one of the most essential components of their marketing strategy?

According to consumer behaviour studies, 75% of users acknowledge that a company’s credibility is heavily influenced by their perception of the website’s design and content.

Ignite your service-based business’ online presence with compelling Business Website Content! Clever, quality content educates your audience and enriches the user experience. Discover four essential types of content that should underpin your website to communicate your services effectively and engage your visitors.

4 Types Of Service-Based Business Website Content

Your service-based business website needs great content, or your entire marketing effort may fall short of its potential.

Here are four types of content every service-based business website should have.

1. Service Pages & Descriptions

Your website is the perfect place to spell out precisely your services and what sets you apart from your competitors. Use clear, concise language to describe your services, and include any unique features or benefits that make your business stand out.

Service Pages & Descriptions

Be sure to include pricing information so potential customers know what to expect. If you offer various services, create a separate page for each. Customers can quickly find the information they need without wading through irrelevant content.

And if you offer services in multiple locations, create separate pages for each region.

  • Precisely Define Services and Uniqueness
  • Include Clear Pricing Information
  • Create Region-Based Service Pages

2. ‘About Us’ & ‘Our Story’

Customers want to know who they’re doing business with, so include an “About Us” page on your website. This is where you can tell your company’s story and give visitors a glimpse into your culture. Include information about your team so that customers can put a face to a name.

About Us' & 'Our Story

Expanding on your company’s ethos and vision in the “About Us” section will foster trust with your potential clients. Highlighting your dedicated team members not only humanizes your brand but also assures customers of the expertise behind your services, making it more enticing for them to engage with your business.

People like doing business with companies they feel they know, so the more information you can give them about your business and your team, the better. Check out Skytomato‘s About Us page for inspiration and ideas.

  • Include an Expressive “About Us” Page
  • Highlight Team Expertise and Profile
  • Furnish Ample Business Information

3. Client Testimonials

If you’ve got happy clients, let them do your marketing for you by including testimonials on your website. Customer testimonials are some of the most effective forms of content because they come from a third party instead of your own company.

Client Testimonials

When choosing testimonials to include, look for specific ones and address different aspects of your business. Be sure to include the customer’s name, city, and state (or country) to add authenticity.

  • Display Client Testimonials on The Website
  • Choose Diverse and Specific Testimonials
  • Add Customer Details for Authenticity

4. Case Studies

Case studies are an excellent way to show potential customers how you’ve helped other businesses achieve their goals. If you have a portfolio of satisfied clients, consider writing a case study for each.

Case Studies

When writing a case study, focus on the results you achieved for your client. Use statistics and quotes to support your claims, and include before-and-after photos whenever possible.

  • Publish Compelling Case Studies
  • Focus on The Achieved Results
  • Include Supportive Statistics and Quotes


To ensure your service-based website is effective, including various types of Business Website Content is essential. This will help keep visitors engaged, connected and coming back for more information.

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