3 Key Content Marketing Strategies To Increase Website Traffic Starting In Month 1

Content Marketing Strategies: You have just started a brand-new website design, published a lot of content and spent a lot of time and money.

 2 (two) days later: No traffic.

 It’s been 30 (thirty) days: Still no traffic.

 Raw, isn’t it?

 What if we were able to show you a better way?

 It’s time to implement a proven and trusted strategy to rank on the SERPs and drive traffic in the first month.

 Is this a quick hack? No.

 Is the implementation free? Unfortunately, there isn’t.

 Does it work? Sure!

 In just 6 months, this strategy generated 100,000 visitors from organic search.

Before we dive into tried and tested strategies, let’s talk about why people say it takes so long for new sites to rank on Google.

Why is it so difficult to rank highly on a new website?

Before delving into this article, you should understand why this problem exists.

The shortest and most powerful answer is: You need to classify the content. The least of your issues are buying links, guest posting, outreach, and employing SEO “experts.”

Instead, focus on: Real needs of readers. Your unique experience. adds new ideas to the web. If you don’t implement these three keys, link building and awareness are irrelevant.

The sooner you get quality content on your website, the sooner you start ranking in the SERPs.

3 Steps To Successful Content Marketing

No matter the niche or business, these three factors are essential for successful content.

If any of these aspects of your material are lacking, you’ve just found your first issue.

Key 1: Provide what the readers want.

If you concentrate on the reader, the search engines will concentrate on you.

In recent years, you’ve probably heard the phrase “Satisfy the search intent” a lot.

The good news is that it isn’t difficult at all.

  • Give the reader what they want and need, and that’s all that’s required:
  • Give a thorough evaluation of the product to your prospects if they want one.

If they ask a question, respond as soon as you can with the information they need.

Key 2: Adopt E-A-T

“Expertise, Authority, and Trust” is abbreviated as E-A-T.

It’s the perfect article’s ultimate summation.

By releasing thoroughly researched content that is supported by statistics, original ideas, and information that is not readily available, you may give your audience this kind of experience.

Aside from the fact that Google really values this idea, it also makes logic.

Consider yourself the reader.

When you require assistance:

  • Wouldn’t you like to read stuff written by someone who is knowledgeable in the subject?
  • Don’t you want knowledge from someone who has credibility and authority?
  • Would you trust someone who simply repeated facts found on the internet?

E-A-T is focused on helping your new website meet Google’s requirements.

Key 3: Come up with something fresh

What distinguishes your material from other online stuff?

Simply write something that is superior to Google’s top 10 results to appear on page 1.

The implementation of keys one and two is the only way to accomplish this.

Here are a few additional strategies you may use to enhance your site’s value and truly ramp up your content:

  • further vids.
  • special infographics and graphics.
  • features of podcasts.
  • Interviews.
  • Case analyses.
  • Audio.

Once you comprehend these three fundamental concepts, everything else flows easily.

Let me now demonstrate how Carl Broadbent’s brand-new website, GardeniaOrganic.com, attracted over 100,000 unique visitors in just six months.

Use this Content Strategy to Get 100,000 Visitors in Six Months

Similar to the three keys, the focus of this tactic is on simplicity.

Our writing firm serves over 800 clients using the exact same procedure.

Additionally, it’s how we were able to assist numerous clients in achieving 100,000+ monthly page views in less than six months.

Research your topic in Step 1

Everything begins here.

Finding low-competition, high-opportunity keywords is all you need to do.

Avoid making this procedure too complicated with formulas or a large tech stack.

The procedure is simple to follow.

How to Conduct a Topic Search
  1. Analyze popular articles in your niche.
  2. Investigate all linked questions in-depth.
  3. Identify the keywords that appear in SERPs with low-quality content.
  4. Produce articles that are superior to those found on the SERP.
Evidence of Success

Recently, we put this procedure into practise for a client in the DIY sector.

In less than two months after we wrote 47 pieces for him, he is already seeing 40 to 50 visitors every day.

It sounds easy.

That is true, after all.

Good content is just as important as good marketing.

You can achieve success by simply producing better material than everyone else, as long as there is even a little demand for the knowledge you are disseminating.

As we indicated before, if you apply this strategy over hundreds of keywords, your business will flourish like never before.

Create a lot of content in Step 2

The last thing you probably want to hear is that you need to accelerate your organic growth and performance, yet it’s the only option.

But don’t be alarmed by that.

Listen to this instead:

  • In the first month, Carl at GardeniaOrganic.com wrote 428 pieces, which brought in 3,985 unique visits and $3.54 in earnings.
  • Month 6: Carl’s website was making over $1,000 each month, with over 60,000 page views in a single month, and posting about 50 new pieces of content each month.

Traffic has increased by more than 1,500% in just six months.

With a revenue increase of 32,918%.

Now, if he sold his website there and then at a 35x multiple, which is easily achievable, he’d be looking at a net profit of $23,469.37!

The most important thing to understand here is that you can optimize your website to look great, and you can have an awesome logo, but only content will bring you traffic and, most importantly, make you money.

Your Monthly Content Production Plan

Month One : Create and release 450 pieces of excellent, thorough, E-A-T material

Month Two: Produce and post 80 fresh, excellent, thorough, E-A-T material.

Months three and up: Produce and post 50 fresh, excellent, thorough, E-A-T material

Focus on One Content Type in Step 3

It is preferable to keep your content strategy straightforward and concentrate on a single type of material rather than adapting to several writing styles and formats.

Each type of material has both positive and negative values

How-to Guide Writing: The Good and the Bad

Consider how-to manuals as an example.

They are fantastic, but to make your content stand out, you’ll need to include lots of unique photos and videos in addition to the textual material.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Producing Product Review Content

Almost 40% of Amazon’s revenue comes from product reviews.

However, creating evaluations involves far more work than simply copying and pasting Amazon reviews, posting photographs directly from the merchant, or offering a table of the “best” selections.

Informational Content: Positives and Negatives

Informational material is the greatest, according to Carl and many of our clients.

You get to provide them with the solution right immediately when your potential reader searches for a problem or difficulty they are experiencing.

You’ll need to develop something that is unique on the internet for this to operate correctly.

What is the quickest way to do this?

Buy the item and provide an honest review.

Here is an example of an article that Carl created using the technique described above to create a fantastic and distinctive piece of content.

And here is a corresponding video.

Check out our complete strategy and case study to see how everything came together successfully.

Stop duplicating Amazon’s wording and customer feedback.

To create original material, you’ll need to have some practical experience utilising the product.

Create Organic Links in Step 4

Link building is one of the best ranking factors for Google, and this is not a fiction.

Most people who attempt link building fall short because they focus on acquiring rapid links.

How Do Quick Links Work?

The success of your website will not be benefited by quick links.

In an effort to encourage someone to share your article and provide you with a link, they are created by spamming every website, email list, and buddy.

This is no longer acceptable; it was 15 years ago.

Gaining one link organically is more significant than receiving 100 spammy no-follow connections from unrelated websites.

5 Powerful Techniques For Getting A Natural Backlink

  1. Create stuff that is incredibly original and unheard of.
  2. Include unique pictures you took on your own.
  3. Make infographics and visualisations that people can download, share, and embed on their own websites.
  4. Add a calculator or quiz.Sample:On a pet website, Carl has a fish tank calculator that determines the amount of water in a fish tank.A lot of shares and links can be obtained in this method.
  5. Video material.Create your own videos that website owners can embed.

There are other additional approaches, but these five are all you really need to succeed in link development.

Strategic Overview

Simplicity is the key to a successful content development plan.


  1. Produce a tonne of informative stuff.
  2. Focus on a certain type of content (informational content works best).
  3. Concentrate only on developing natural links.
  4. Let the outcomes come.

It is not necessary to publish 500 posts in your first month for this strategy to be successful.

The content of such articles (see keys one through three) and the constancy of publication are more crucial.

Want To Use This Approach?

Want to make it simpler to produce a tonne of excellent content and surpass your goals for the first month?

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