My Experience With Visual Composer

A year back during MCO 1.0 I was working from home. Then there came a crucial moment that I had to take over one of our major client website management. We were rushing to get the dual language website tweak and edit content so that it can be live soonest. Therefore I had no choice but to blindly lay my hands on this page builder call ELEMENTOR. The name itself sounds powerful. Imagine when I first login to the back end it was like a whole new world to me. Everything in there is like ALIEN to me. But with the help of Mr.Google, I was able to familiarize myself with it.

The Content Management Sytem (CMS) used was WordPress. Unlike Joomla which I had used before, WordPress seems to be more user friendly. WordPress is better-suited for beginners who are just starting to learn the basics of web design, while Joomla is preferred by the more experienced ones.

To me page builders it’s like a software on its own, something similar to Dreamweaver or Frontpage. Both of these softwares are close to extinction thanks to the emergence of these visual page builders. Now with the launch Gutenberg there is a misunderstanding that Gutenberg is there to replace the visual page builders. Although this may be seem to be true, as a matter of fact it’s not.

If you need to design a website – use visual page composers such as ELEMENTOR, WP Bakery or even Beaver Builder. Gutenberg has been created in order to improve the user experience of the former WordPress editor, making it easier for bloggers and content writers to embellish their posts with images and other types of rich media. In spite of it being able to build pages, Gutenberg is not, I repeat … it’s not to replace visual composers.

Since then I’ve been exposed to various types of page builders. For me personally I prefer ELEMENTOR. I may look difficult to use in the beginning but after a while, you should be able to get the hang of it. With its helpful live editor, front-end page builder and the ability to insert codes, ELEMENTOR is a helpful tool for creating and designing websites that looks professional. I have since crafted many websites with ELEMENTOR, without a doubt the best page composer I have ever used to date. Stay tuned for more sharing session from me. Stay safe, stay at home and together let us all help each other to survive this worldwide pandemic.

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