August 2020

How to use Social Media market your business

With countless content churned out by your competitors every day on different social media platforms, how can your voice be heard? How can you beat the competition and stay ahead of the pack?

The above questions are what this blog post is all about — digital marketing tips in Malaysia. Below are social media tips you can deploy to your business to be ahead of your competitors.

1. Invest in the Right Social Channels

Social media for business is not all about the content you share. It is also about the platform where you share your content.

All social media platforms aren’t the same. Your type of business may thrive well on Instagram but not on LinkedIn.

If you operate a B2B kind of business, LinkedIn is the place to be. A B2C type of business will thrive on Instagram and Facebook.

Also, if you sell physical products that have to do with lots of pictures, Pinterest and Instagram are where you want to be.

So, before signing up your business on a social media platform, ensure that the platform aligns with your desired buyer persona.

2. Always Add Visuals

Visuals always attract the eye, thereby increasing engagement on your social content. Always add videos or images to your text content when appropriate.

If you have a big budget, you can contract a photographer to create a library of images for your business. Alternatively, you can invest in high-quality stock picture websites.

But, if you’re just starting out and don’t want to spend so much, look for license-free websites like Pixabay or Stocksnap for free visual content.

Stock photos for social media

3. Have a content strategy and create an editorial calendar for all social platforms you operate

There are times when marketers seem to lack what to post on social media. This is often as a result of a lack of an effective content strategy.

Just like a blog, look at the big picture and come up with a social content that your audience will relate with.

Come up with seasonal contents, contents related to events your company is planning, contents related to trending hashtags, etc.

If you have a special editorial and marketing team, work closely with them and decide the best strategy to promote what’s trending.

4. Use the 80/20 Rule of Content

The 80/20 rule simply means that 80 percent of your content should provide value to your audience, while the other 20 percent should focus on sales and promotions.

What this means is that your business success is dependent on 20 percent of your efforts. The other 80 percent of your efforts will help you achieve the other 20.

One advantage of the 80/20 rule is that you can build trust and loyalty with your customers and also increase traffic to your social channels and website.

5. Leverage on the Popularity of Influencers

In Malaysia, influencer marketing is a powerful digital marketing tool. Influencer marketing is simply paying some of the most influential people in your niche to post about you and your business, instead of focusing all of your marketing efforts to target your audience directly.

Most of your competitors don’t know this but influencer marketing works like magic — especially if the influencer is a celebrity or just someone who people trust.

It works better when you have signed up and built up some level of credibility on your business on various social media platforms.

social media influencer

6. Take Your Social Analytics Seriously

While carrying out all the tips above, ensure that you check your analytics to see exactly what works and resonates with your audience, and what isn’t.

Now, based on the data from your analytics, you can create more content around what works for your audience.

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Website trends you need to know in 2022

It’s 2020 and you need to repaint your business in this new year. Every new year brings changes and, from a business point of view, it brings new strategies, tactics, campaigns and better services.

So, how do you achieve all this? Let’s start with something basic, your website. It’s the first thing any customer sees before buying your service. 

Your website design reflects who you are as a business to everyone – your customers, competitors, and the general market.

Here are some trends you could use to step up your website game in 2020.

1. Chatbots

Considering how it took months to get back to customers on their concerns and queries, many companies have deployed chatbots on their websites to cut the time delay

Chatbots are basically systems running on artificial intelligence. They try to provide 24/7 customer support. They can easily answer frequently asked questions and improve the user experience on your website.

Manychat sample chatbot

2. Design Mobile first

It’s pretty obvious where most of the target audience spends their time – on their mobile phones. People use mobile phones more than any other device these days. 

Numbers say that three-quarters of people will access the Internet via mobiles by 2025. And businesses need to capitalize on this fact.

Not everyone can find a laptop or computer system to open your website when they need to look at it. But everyone has a phone they can open it on. 

Hence, businesses need to focus their website design on mobile platforms. Embrace responsive design.

mobile responsive website

3. Video Content

Sure, videos have been around for a long time, but facts state it has an even bigger audience today and it’s not going anywhere any time soon. A third of the online activity is spent watching a video. 

Another interesting fact is that YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google. Why? Because it’s much easier to watch a demonstration than reading 21 steps to roughly understand what’s happening.

Videos are attractive and engaging. They help you say more in less space. You can get creative with it, make a montage about what your business is all about, or make a clip of your higher-ups saying hello to your audience. So, what will your video look like?

Video content in website

4. A single source

For the ease of maintenance, many companies keep different sites for the public and customers. But what they forget is combining the two can get them even greater revenue by turning their visitors into new customers.

Many businesses have combined the customer portal and the public site. You may find many ecommerce websites Malaysia have an option to log in on the top right-hand side of their website design. A single source web design offers a seamless user experience for everyone.


You should consider your website design integral to your business strategy. Continue to upgrade your website design year after year. Your customers expect you to change as the market and its demands change. 

Plus, with the digital transformation, you don’t have a choice but to go with the flow or you’ll run out of business.

2020 is all about embracing technology and making the most of it. You can start by providing your customers with a seamless experience on your website. 

After all, your website is the first point of contact for anyone new to your business and the more convenient you make it for them to use, the longer they’ll stick with you.

Use videos, help your customers get to know you better by engaging with them. Consider structural changes on the web design, add a chatbot and give it a fun name. 

Personalize the experience and you will see a boost in your business. Get in touch with us to know more ideas to improve your ecommerse website.

How to update WordPress safely without breaking your website

The title of the blog post may remind you of one of those annoying update notifications that won’t go away until you click ‘yes’. And even after the update is done, you won’t see any changes in the system. But even though the changes aren’t visible, they are very much there, underneath the User Interface. These changes are critical to ensure your software works smoothly for years to come with maximum efficiency and security. Updating your WordPress website is a similar affair. It’s the first tip almost every WordPress hosting Malaysia company gives, and for good reason too.

Why Update WordPress?

There are many reasons why you should update your WordPress website, a few key points are:

1. Security comes first

WordPress encounters bugs, vulnerabilities, and hacks on a daily basis. Sure, it may or may not be a critical threat, but are you willing to trust your luck with your website? Updates fix those bugs, patch security holes, and effectively secure your website.

2. Improvements and new features

Each update includes new features that the WordPress team decided would increase the quality of the platform and user experience. They may seem confusing at first but are guaranteed to help your site work better in the future. You will also notice visible improvements in the existing features.

3. Speed

With how impatient people have become today, speed is vital. WordPress understands that and prioritizes it just as much as you do. Hence, with every update, they optimize WordPress and its backend processes. You can identify the speed of your website by testing them on sites like GTmetrix. skytomato website speed

4. Compatibility

Earlier, each platform had a definitive task to perform but now a single site needs to be able to do everything. And this requires higher compatibility with other existing software, tools, and plugins.  With WordPress updated, you can enjoy the freedom to use almost everything without any problems.

Steps to update WordPress

1. Backup

Store your content somewhere safe by creating a backup. It’s better to be safe than sorry. And if anything goes wrong, you can always restore the older version and keep your website active. Many WordPress backup plugins can help you create your backup with little to no effort. Just download the plugin and back up your files, themes, plugins, uploads, and databases. updraft-plus wordpress backup plugin vaultpress wordpress backup for update

2. Turn cache off

If you have your caching plugin installed and switched on, then turn it off. WordPress caching modifies the way your website works and also enhances its performance. But to avoid any complications, turn it off while you update WordPress. WP Cache

3. Update your themes and plugins

Start with updating your theme and other plugins. Although they are a part of WordPress, they have their own regular updates to keep them bug-free. When you open the admin tab, you usually get recommendations and notifications alerting you of the new updates and you can just click on them to update what seems to be outdated. You can find theme updates under the Appearance and plugin updates under the Plugins section on the left-hand side menu bar. WP theme update

4. Update WordPress core

Updating the core of WordPress, contrary to assumptions, is the easiest and quickest step. You can find the button that reads “Update Now” under the updates section on the admin page. Just click on the button, wait for the process to complete, and you’re good to go. wordpress update notification

5. Turn cache on

The update is complete and it is safe to enable WordPress caching again.

6. Check if everything is okay

Go through your site and check how everything is working and if there are any problems. Although it’s unlikely you’ll find any discrepancies, it’s always better to check, just in case. There’s no need for you to be thorough – just a little bit of general browsing is enough.

7. Backup again

If the update was successful, backup your website again. This will make sure your backup is up-to-date. Backups are done regularly for the exact same reason, so it contains the latest data and settings in case you lose it you can always recover it with ease.


We know updates are never fun and they take hours to complete but they are far more advantageous as compared to the time they take. And although the whole process seems confusing, and maybe even a little overwhelming, it’s not. Once you’re done with the first time, you’ll gradually get comfortable with it and might even continue updating your website regularly. Want to optimize your WordPress website better? Get in touch with us today.

Digital‌ ‌Marketing‌ ideas‌ ‌that‌ ‌will‌ ‌enhance‌ your business

Technology has changed everything. And marketing isn’t new to digitalization. But as technology evolves, so does the processes attached to it. Digital marketing may not be new but it is being affected by the changing technology.

So, how important are the upcoming trends to your business? I’d say they are vital. By continuing to use outdated software and practices, you limit your potential and reach. While you may not be familiar with what’s happening in the market today, your customers are.

For example, you can put your ads in newspapers but people don’t read print media as much as they use their phones. So, while you assume you got the message across to your target audience, in reality, you couldn’t even reach half of them.

We are already familiar with viral trends in digital marketing in Malaysia such as chatbots, voice search, and video marketing. Keeping them in mind, let’s look at the digital marketing trends of 2020. Here are the top trends to look out for:

1. Artificial Intelligence

using ai for digital marketing

Artificial Intelligence has shaped the world of analytics. It predicts future trends in the numbers. You can also be exhaustive with your analysis because there is no limit to how many files or how much data you can process. 

In fact, the more the data, the more accurate the results.

AI fundamentally works on patterns. It tries to detect patterns in the huge piles of raw data files that seem quite useless at first glance but contain critical information.

Digital marketing uses the prowess of AI to analyse the performance of different campaigns. AI helps marketers know more than how well an ad is doing, it helps them know about the type of engagement the ad received. 

Marketers can know what age group or gender likes what product, and much more.

2. Chatbots

digital marketing using chatbots
User experience has become an important part of how businesses work and interact with their customers today. If it were 2004, the websites that you see today would have thousands of lines of text on them and maybe some pictures if it were an eCommerce site Malaysia; the point being the website design would be static, not dynamic.

Static doesn’t work anymore. Customers want to be able to interact with your website seamlessly and have fun doing it. Chatbots are a great way to offer that interaction. FAQs and other basic questions about the business can be answered by the chatbot. 

And if you use a Chatbot that works on Machine Learning you can also make it learn how to respond better to the customer’s questions and enhance the user experience.

3. Personalization

spotify wrapped personalised message
Customers tend to pay more attention to a product if they need it – if it fits into their daily life, something they can use. It doesn’t seem like a waste of money but a necessity.

Using personalization to show your customers ads of products that they might need can do wonders for the business. 

It’s similar to how advertising candy to old people wouldn’t increase the sale of the candy but showing it to kids will.

So, when you use AI to analyse what product is well received by what kind of audience, you can use that information to target appropriate audiences for different products.

4. Video Marketing

video marketing

It’s 2020 and there’s no denying how much of our day to day lives are consumed by videos. We watch videos when commuting to work. We watch videos when we are bored. People even watch videos while cooking or cleaning to keep themselves entertained while these do mundane tasks.

The medium of information has evolved from text to image to videos. Videos are fun to watch. You don’t have to put any effort into it like reading or trying to understand the meaning behind the image. No. Just watch a short video and you’re likely to know what the product is as you listen to the audio.

Similar to chatbots, video marketing is engaging. You can be creative with it and get almost anyone’s attention if you please. You can keep it short or you can keep it long. Using videos for marketing is indeed the way to go.

5. Social Media and Influencer Marketing

digital marketing with social media
People use social media as often as they breathe air. It may sound like an exaggeration but the point still remains. And even though having followers on social media didn’t seem important before, it is easily seen as a revenue generator today.

Social media influencers have followers in lacs and even millions and I am not talking about celebrities but normal people who gained followers over the years. YouTubers and other content creators on different platforms have an audience that can be capitalized if used right.

Many of these influencers receive deals from brands for promotion on their accounts. And, if the influencer has a committed fanbase or larger influence, the brands see increased traffic and sales within days.

6. Browser Push Notifications

digital marketing with push notifications
Although browser push notifications are old, they are still capable of attracting new customers. The tactic is simple, showing the content to the customer until he finally opens it. Customers might find it annoying but a lot of times they might even get curious and cave in. It’s a 50-50 really, but worth a try.


Growth comes when you embrace change. Businesses and marketers need to look out for new technologies, tools, and strategies that can help them stand out. 

With how competitive the market is today, it’s crucial to pay close attention to how things are evolving so you can stay ahead of others and grow as a capable business. 

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Why is Backup Important for Business?

Did you know that WannaCry infected 300,000+ computers around the world. The attack encrypted sensitive data and disrupted work for an entire week.

This case, among many others, only highlights the importance of data security in today’s market.

Research showed that an average of 2,244 cyberattacks happens every day, most of which target sensitive business data. As the dependency on data increases, so does its worth.

It doesn’t matter if the organization is big or small, as long as the attackers can find their way into the system, trust me they will.

Data Security

Data security isn’t limited to protecting data from attacks, it also includes remediation and recovery. You cannot predict when you might lose your data and to what; it could be an attack or it could be a natural disaster.

However, you can ensure that you have the right solutions to recover from the loss.
website security and backup


As a solution to data loss, below are a few reasons why making backups might be in the best interest of your organization:

1. Prevention may not always work

You can have a proactive approach to cybersecurity and still fall victim to an attack. But having a recovery plan can help you in mitigating data loss.

Website hosting Malaysia offers many options to create backups of your websites with ease. So, you can run your business smoothly even after an attack.

And even if we were to put the cyberattacks aside, the company needs to ensure they can handle server downtime, natural disasters, and other complex scenarios.

2. Cyber attacks affect updates like software

A CNN reports said an average small-sized business lost over $100,000 due to downtime caused by Ransomware. And ransomware is just the C in cyberattacks.

There are many other attacks being widely used by malicious outsiders like malware, data breaches, DDoS attacks and more.

And the hard truth is that it’s all because of the enormous amount of data generated every day; the attacks increased after the digital transformation because capitalizing on this constant stream of data and information brings great returns.

3. Natural disaster is equally fatal

60% of small-sized businesses shut down within 6 months of losing their data, says Clutch. With how data can make or break a company, you can never know what could destroy your data.

Natural disasters are no different. Hence, you should be prepared for earthquakes, storms, fires, and other natural calamities that can damage your storage and processing units taking along with it millions and millions of files.

This is why having a backup files uploaded in the cloud helps you recover your data no matter where you are.

cloud storage when updating website backup

4. Losing name

Data loss can damage your reputation more than you’d think. It hurts the trust your customers have placed in you and recovering from that can take years.

With old customers gone, and new customers too afraid to work, you won’t have much to work with.

5. Threats come more from within

It’s impossible to know which employee might steal your company data and when. Any frustrated employee can decide to steal or erase sensitive data from the company’s database.

Hence, it’s critical you employ proper access controls and overlooks their implementation.

How to backup?

uploading backup for your website

Having backup is an additional security measure for your organization especially if you are updating your website. It’s best for any sudden situation that poses a threat to your data.

You can create backups of your sensitive data and keep them secure in another place with high security. Trust your backups with only a few that you know have the best interest of the company in mind.

However, being consistent and regular with making backups is important. This ensures all of your data is up-to-date with what’s going on in the company at the time.

And in case you lose the data you would still have the latest backup with most of the information still in your hands. You can continue to work the backup instead of wasting time on recovery.

Make sure you have a disaster recovery plan along with your data backup plan. And follow the 3-2-1 rule when maintaining backups: create 3 different copies, in two different mediums and store one copy off-site.

Do consider physical backup regardless of how capable and easy cloud storage. After all, the cloud is on the Internet as well and is vulnerable to breaches.


Businesses cannot avoid data loss. It comes with the territory. But these tips can help you deploy better security by utilising backups.

Sure, backups seem old news but they still have a lot to offer and everyone is encouraged to make the most of them.

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Where to run ads other than Facebook Ads

Putting all of your eggs in one basket is definitely a wrong decision! Put simply, relying only on Facebook Ads alone means you are targeting limited audience. 

To grow faster, you need to generate traffic from different platforms. Undoubtedly, digital marketing isn’t an easy task.

As the traffic is constantly fluctuating and newer ways of monetizing are being created each day, you have to grab every opportunity out there. Recently, the advertising cost on Facebook has spiked while impressions have decreased.

Here is a useful guide for you to learn about how to generate traffic from Google, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, and Snapchat.

How Do Social Media Ads Help Us?

Statistically, the average person devotes about 6 hours online every day. Where social media consumes 75% of that time. So, isn’t it wise to reach your target audience through social media platforms?

Definitely, it is!

Social media platforms are the right choice even if you are marketing your brand in your country or city. For example, digital marketing in Malaysia becomes easy after you define your target audience.

Alternative Platforms to Facebook Ads:

1. Google Ads

Google is a highly competitive alternative to Facebook. In fact, it’s the ideal alternative to Facebook Ads. Google answers over 4.5 billion queries per day—that makes more than 70,000 searches each second.

Advertising on Google Search Engine follows PPC advertising, where the advertisers bid on keywords. The one with the highest bid gets the ad up on Google SERPs. Each time a user clicks on the ad, the advertiser pays Google for it.

Google Ads let you place ads on relevant websites that use Google AdSense.

Google Ads benefit you in different ways:

  • Advanced targeting
  • Budget Control
  • Remarketing Tools
  • Quick Results

Google ads Alternative To Facebook Ads

2. Instagram

Although Instagram is owned by Facebook, yet it works differently.

In the past few years, huge traffic has shifted from Facebook to Instagram, which now has over one billion ‘active users’.

Moreover, about half of the Instagram users visit the site at least once per day. Surprisingly, it has been estimated that the ad spends on Instagram has quadrupled compared to ad spend on Facebook.

Another compelling factor about Instagram is that most of the Instagram users are non-US based that makes it easier for them to expand their international businesses.

You can advertise on Instagram in different ways:

  • Video ads
  • Photo ads
  • Slideshow ads
  • Stories ads
  • Carousel ads

Instagram ads story
Instagram ads carousel
Instagram ads video
instagram photo ads

3. YouTube

YouTube can help you reach its 1.8 billion active users. On average, people are consuming about 1 billion hours of streaming every day. What’s remarkable is that YouTube reaches people between the ages of 18 to 60+.

It’s truly an engaging platform for elderly users compared to other social media platforms.

For digital marketing, YouTube is an appropriate alternative to Facebook that comes with:

  • Advanced targeting
  • Remarketing opportunities
  • Other marketing features.

YouTube ads can be of different types, such as:

  • Non-skippable Ads
  • Bumper instream Ads
  • Display Ads
  • Overlay Ads
    Sponsored Ads

YouTube Ads

4. Pinterest

Pinterest is another popular platform with over 300 million active users. The recent analysis demonstrates that Pinterest plays a vital role in helping people plan their future purchases.

About 66% of Pinterest users actually buy something after watching a brand’s pin. So, ecommerce websites in Malaysia, Canada, US, etc. can promote their products easily online through Pinterest.

Not only goods and services, but websites can also promote their content well on Pinterest with great visual appeal. Make sure the web design doesn’t interfere with the quality of your content.

Format of Pinterest ads is:

  • Video Pins
  • Promoted Pins
  • Promoted Apps Pins

You can run campaigns on Pinterest, such as:

  • Awareness campaigns (You have to pay per 1,000 impressions)
  • Traffic campaign (You have to pay per click)
  • Video awareness campaign (Use the promoted video pins)
  • App install campaign (You have to pay per click or per install)

pinterest ad Alternative To Facebook Ads

5. Snapchat Ads

Snapchat Ads spread like fire!

In fact, Snapchat has about 100 million active users per day. Share images and videos with your followers and let them know about your brand. However, the images disappear after sometime.

It’s similar to Instagram story ads that are up there for 24 hours.

Snapchat is solely a mobile app, which makes it convenient for users. Moreover, most Snapchat users are under 25 years of age and are crazy online shoppers — a huge plus point for the advertisers.

Snapchat offers less competition, reaches out to younger audience, and is quite unique.

So, if you know how to fully tap into this platform for your own good, you’ve got a long way to go. On Snapchat, you can advertise:

snapchat ads as facebook alternative

Final Verdict

The world of digital marketing is vast; and much wider than a single community of Facebook.

Besides these 5 platforms, there are still more ways to advertise your business online such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Amazon, and many more. So, increase your opportunities by approaching your audience from different platforms. 

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Use Google Ads or FB Ads for your digital marketing

Online advertising spreads the words in a matter of moments, and gaining organic traffic is not a challenge when it comes to Google Ads and Fb Ads. 

Considering the fact that Facebook has an outreach to about 2.3 billion active users per month and Google reaches billions of people every day through the search engine, email, and website advertisement.

Digital marketing in Malaysia is challenging only if you run the campaign from limited platforms. Now the question is which one is better: Google Ads or Facebook Ads?

Both are equally competitive with their unique features to help the advertisers target the potential audience.

Here, we’ll look into the differences between the two platforms: the Google AdWords and Facebook Ads; and consider why it’s important to use both of these marketing platforms.

Google AdWords

Undoubtedly, Google Adwords is an unbeatable platform for PPC advertising. Advertisers basically bid on high-ranking keywords (having different rates too) in paid search of Google. 

Whenever a user clicks on an ad, the advertiser pays for it; thus, it’s named as ‘pay-per-click advertising’.

The trick with Google Adwords is bidding rightly, to find new customers based on the searched keywords.

If different advertisers are bidding for similar keywords, the one bidding the highest will have his ad displayed in Google SERPs.

Bid optimization is important, for example, for Google Adwords in Malaysia, you can target the Malaysian audience for goods and services by targeting the right keywords.

Google ads

How Are Google Ads Helpful?

Being the widely-used search engine, Google is the leader in online marketing. It answers queries of almost 3.5 billion people per day globally. 

Ultimately, you can access an unparalleled number of potential audience through Google Ads.

Numerous Ad Format Options:

There is a wide range of options to advertise and make the users aware of your brand:

1. Search Network

The Search network works based on keywords you bid on such as ‘courier service near you’ etc. Search network ads are best for promoting your companies and services.

2. Display Network

The display network shows ads on Google apps and websites. If your keywords are related to web content, the ads show up in different places.

In display ads, you can choose to have a video, image, or anything graphically attractive. If you are showing a glimpse of your site, web design matters a lot.

3. Shopping Ads

For eCommerce ads, the shopping ads simply show the relevant products of your brand. The location, target audience and other settings can be customized. 

For example, for an ecommerce website Malaysia, a localized display of ads using Google’s customization settings would be the right move.

However, for a globally available brand, such customization can be skipped.

4. Video Ads

Video ads usually stream on sites like YouTube. On YouTube, most-relevant ads are displayed to help you find your audience.

Google ads repeatedly show up in your searches to convince you about the credibility of your brand.

5. Huge Target Audience

With Google Ads, you can outreach to users who are making about 1.2 trillion web searches each year. Google’s artificial intelligence is remarkable; it increases the chances of potential users in the upcoming years, and for the advertisers to win their target audience.

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads, also known as ‘paid social’, are run on highest-ranking social media network ‘Facebook’. It’s a potentially profitable tactic in every business’ marketing strategy.

Social media marketing helps customers find businesses that they are potentially interested in, based on analytics.

facebook ads

How are Facebook Ads Helpful?

Facebook Ads is the initiator of paid ads on social media. It is central to the digital marketing strategies of every business out there.

Facebook ads are outstanding in terms of targeting audiences. Through ‘Custom Audiences’, you can target users by age, job title, income level, interests, favourite shows, and much more.

By creating ‘lookalike audiences’, you can specifically target your audience and retarget people who had already visited your website.

Facebook advertising is extremely helpful for your business because every brand out there, and every company and its employees are on Facebook. 

So, it’s easier to target any business you wish to serve in the future and any brand you wish to partner up with.

Here’s how Facebook Ads are superior:

1. Unmatched Traffic

Facebook brings together a global audience. With over 1.55 billion active users, no other social media platform can stand as its rival.

The best feature of Facebook Ads is creating ‘lookalike audiences’. Advertisers upload target audience’s information and Facebook data brokers work to match users who the advertiser is looking for.

Thus, Facebook helps audiences find a product or service that they are probably looking for.

2. A Visual Platform

Facebook Ads are powerful and influential as they are entirely visual and probe into the goods and services being advertised.

Moreover, Facebook Ads blends well with customer’s newsfeed so they don’t appear to interrupt the visual appeal of the platform.

In fact, such ads have a persuasive quality that appears alongside your searches making it convenient to find you a good or service you had been looking for.

3. Affordable Budgeting

Compared to the competition to bid the highest on keywords, Facebook Ads are much more affordable.

Thus, Facebook is an attractive proposition for small businesses with a limited budget. Facebook also brings a high return on investment (ROI), which makes it the best digital advertising solution at present.

Final Verdict

Facebook Ads and Google Ads together make an unbeatable combination of advertisement for your business to flourish in no time. Both the platforms are competitive and improve your chances to reach your target audience. 

What you need to practise is how to fully tap on these platforms to get maximal ROI and commendable business growth. For more information regarding each platform, head to our service page.

Important skills digital marketers need in 2022

What are the most important skills every digital marketer must have in 2022?

With changing customer interests, traffic dynamics, and social media marketing features, each New Year calls for greater awareness of a digital marketer.

Pursuing a digital marketing career is a perfect move today. Every business needs to grow by reaching their target audience in the fastest possible way. A digital marketer can just do that!

What’s even greater is that you don’t need any degree to become a digital marketer.

What Defines the Success of a Digital Marketer?

Although you can earn a place without a degree, the job is as competitive as the fast-growing media. With changing dynamics every day, it’s important to keep an eye on all your advertising campaigns every single day.

In general, a digital marketer excels in SEO, data analysis, copywriting, automation, and behavioural analysis. In addition, he needs to think outside the box. Empathy, humility, adaptability and transparency are some of the social skills that can help him or her win more customers.

So, your success depends a lot on your digital as well as social skills.

6 Essential Skills A Digital Marketer Must Have:

Here are the marketing skills every organization is seeking in you:

1. Creativity

Creativity is important for increasing the appeal of a website, a social media ad, and whatnot. Whether its social media or email marketing, your creativity will bring in the customers.

A social media marketer knows how to create the interest of the customer. They understands how to target the right audience to create a relevant ad. It’s the decision of a marketer to define how an ad will catch the attention of the customer by solving a problem.

So, creativity and relatability are quite important aspects of content.

2. Thinks Outside the Box

A digital marketer knows how to get out any situation and accepts challenges. He doesn’t solely depend on past experiences, but on creating new experiences too.

A great digital marketer will try new things to solve an issue. So, if your digital marketing course skipped on teaching how to tackle certain issues, move ahead and find a way out.

creative thinking and clothing

3. Great Copywriter

Content is King, who doesn’t know that. A digital marketer needs to be able to create blog posts and write an Ad copy for online marketing. A digital marketer knows how to keep the content interesting and crisp.

As now content is to be written in the simplest language.

Although copywriting is quite a tough task, but if you know how to create catchy headlines and good content, your readers wouldn’t go anywhere.

4. Logical and Analytical Skills

Usually, an experienced digital marketer can analyse information quite fast. It’s helpful when you wish to boost your website’s performance and create more leads that actually convert.

If the web design lacks appeal, the digital marketer knows how to relate the content and website design. An analytical approach is required during data analysis to understand how the marketing campaigns will actually work best for your site.

5. Well-Aware of the Trends

A digital marketer is always following the changes in trends and features of various marketing platforms. The trends are helpful in choosing the right keywords, right content, and right marketing campaign for your site.

For example, if links with a video are clicked more than links without it; a social media marketer would definitely opt for helpful videos on your site.

If they are aware of the global trends, they will immediately write on trending issues related to their site to gain traffic. In fact, a digital marketer never runs out of tricks and tips to increase the traffic of their client’s website.

6. Business Skills

Digital Marketers have business skills to work as independent contractors. They have an excellent knowledge of the marketing platforms and can make a business win or lose.

An experienced marketer should be able to take up the managerial position to handle a number of people in their agency: SEO expert, email marketer, copywriter, content writer, social media marketer, graphic designer.

With his or her skills, he or she can bring a dead website alive. Not just a website, a YouTube Channel, a social media platform, ecommerce website. He or she can even work as a virtual assistant to make your ecommerce website in Malaysia a success.

All in all, pursuing a career as a digital marketer will bring in a wide range of opportunities to work with great businesses. If you need more professional advice, feel free to get in touch with our friendly specialists.

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Why are your Facebook Ads not converting

Businesses generate $2 revenue on average for every $1 investment on Facebook Ads. Facebook Ads surely help you reach billions of audience, but the conversions can be difficult. 

As Facebook Ad campaigns are entirely different from what you are used to, generating revenue on investment can be tricky. 

If you are not seeing any return, troubleshoot the problem now. This blog post can be your useful guide!

Now let’s figure out what’s wrong with your failing Facebook ads and how to improve the performance of your ads:

1. Zero Deliverance on Ads:

If your ad isn’t working at all, it’s important to have a quick check to ensure that there are no non-performance issues in the way of your ads:

  • Non-approved Ads: Before the ad goes up, you have to follow all the Facebook policies. If your ad isn’t approved yet, it’s not showing up. So, edit it and resubmit.
  • Limited Reach Ads: When you pre-set the spending limit of a campaign or account, Facebook stops showing all of your ads.
  • Paused Ads: If you had paused the ad campaign, the ads will stop showing. So, you need to un-pause it.
  • Future Schedule: If you have scheduled your ad to run in future sometime, it will not be running in present. So, conversions cannot be seen.
  • Higher Cost: Your bids are higher than the profit you can gain from your ads. This can appear as a low conversion rate of Facebook Ads.

If these simpler issues aren’t there, you need to work on audience targeting, the creativity of ads, and bid strategies.

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2. Bid Strategies:

When you have a cost per optimization event too high, you are employing a low-cost bid strategy. Here, adding a bid cap to have better control over the cost per optimization event.

If you are using the bid cap already, but the costs are quite high, you need to lower it.

You have to set an ideal cost for bid cost and cost target. Otherwise, there will be lesser delivery if either the bid cap is really low or the cost target is too high or too low.

3. Audience Targeting:

A narrow target audience can reduce your ad’s chances to be seen by more people. You need to employ two targeting strategies, such as broadening the audience and increasing the audience quality.

In Facebook Ads, while creating the ‘lookalike’ audience, you have to precisely define your audience that’s not too narrow. It will increase the relevance of your ads.

For creating a relevant and quality audience, reconsider the following questions:

  • Where are my customers?

When you have a country-wide business, you can target customers from the entire country, but not the international audience. Thus you need to target only the audience that you can deliver your products to. 

For example, while carrying out digital marketing in Malaysia, you have to target the Malaysian audience rather than those sitting in overseas countries like the US or China. Similarly, don’t make the mistake of targeting a few small cities or even skipping the location details.

  • Who are my customers?

To define your customers, you have to think about basic traits such as age, gender, interests, locality, favourite sports, favourite shows, etc. The more precise the details are, the easier it would be to find them. 

However, make sure that you don’t narrow down the details too much that Facebook only shows your ads to a very specific audience.

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  • What language does the customer speak?

Facebook doesn’t change the language of your ad copy; so, it’s important to target the audience that speaks or understands the language that’s being targeted. 

For example, an eCommerce business of Malaysia with an Ad copy in Chinese alone wouldn’t flourish in your country.

Apart from that, you can also include additional targeting criteria instead of excluding the audiences altogether. If you are unsure of what kind of audience would find your ad interesting, you can take help of audience insights. 

It will help you precisely refine your targeting.

4. Creative Ads:

Not only does Ads relevance matters, but creativity is a compelling factor as well. Sometimes a simple headline can bring in a huge audience, but other time it doesn’t. So, if Facebook Ads aren’t converting, start nailing your Facebook ad creativity.

Learn how to create catchy and intriguing headlines. A successful headline shouldn’t be of more than 5 words. Compare the results of a short video versus an image Ad to understand what works better. Visual ads are always appealing. 

In fact, links with videos get more shares than links without it. The first impression is truly the last impression. So, here’s a pro-tip: don’t just focus on your ads but also on the web design of your site to make the audience stay longer.

Do you need mores surefire tips on Facebook Ads? Feel free to talk to our professional and friendly staff to know more information.

How to boost website mobile responsiveness

When you are looking at making the most out of eCommerce in Malaysia, you need to put the proper effort and thought into the idea of web design. Of course, you know that you need a website, but what about that actual look, feel and experience with that website?

You’ll want to make sure that Google loves your website in order to be listed accordingly, and the best way to ensure that is to take a look at mobile responsive websites that will make the absolute most out of digital marketing in Malaysia.

The importance of mobile responsiveness

There’s more to web design than just colours and text and page use. You have to take a moment to think about what you’re giving your customers when it comes to mobile responsiveness. The first step is to understand why it’s important in the first place.

1. Customers shop via mobile devices

Realistically speaking, your potential customers are interested in eCommerce in Malaysia, but they do all of their shopping online on their phones. So, if you know your customer wants to scroll through your stores on their phone, you’ll want to make sure that the website is designed specifically for that.

2. They are impatient and won’t come back after a negative experience

It’s annoying to think that just one bad experience with a page that won’t let them zoom or scroll properly will make them leave, but it is the truth. They will go to your competitors who have a mobile-friendly website and they might never come back.

3. It can win you a sale

On the other side of the coin, if you have a website that is designed for mobile searching and purchasing, it could just win you a sale. Customers will like the convenience of buying and ordering on their phones and you’ll keep them coming back time and time again.

making online purchase with mobile responsive website

How to boost your mobile responsiveness

If you’re ready to make the most out of your digital marketing in Malaysia, here are the details to focus on in your web design to get those customers browsing and buying, as well as make sure that Google really does love you.

1. Eliminate horizontal scrolling

No one wants to have to scroll left to right in order to read a page of text. Rely on text-wrapping technologies that are there in most web design platforms and make sure that they don’t need to scroll around any more than necessary.

2. Create a fluid and flexible layout that adjusts well

Your website is going to want to always be flexible and fluid so that it can shift from device to device and use to use. Web design with flexible layout can adjust well no matter visitors view it on a tablet, mobile phone, PC or laptop.

3. Do a user test

You can pay for a user test formally and you may even be able to find free ones. This will give you an in-depth view of how your website is going for the average customer looking for a good eCommerce experience. 

It is worth the time and effort to get this done and then use the results to help you refine the web design even further.

4. Ask yourself what you’d want

This can be helpful before or after the user test. You know what you expect when you shop online, so make sure that your own website holds up to those expectations. Since you are often the hardest judge, it can be a helpful tool.

getting online customers from mobile responsive website

The more mobile-responsive your website is, the more Google will love you. This translates to a better ranking, more sales, more repeat visitors and more repeat sales. If you’re not sure if you’re website is really mobile responsive or not, you can easily take this Google test to figure out.

It’s worth your time to do it right. If you need any guidance, get in touch with us.

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