August 2020

When should I revamp my website

Many corporate Malaysia websites are making a dramatic change to revamp or redesigning their corporate website since 2013 to join the mobile era.

Lets breakdown the Malaysia website design process for mobile into a 3 step strategy:

Why do we need to redesign ?

So what part of the corporate website need to be redesigned and how to start the web development process.

Creating a corporate website is easy or hard depends on your understanding of “cost-effectiveness”. Perhaps you will get a better understanding on this at the end of this website design article.

Lets kick in on some questions to get started with Step 1 :

  1. What are the problems with our current corporate website?
  2. Has our company help us gain any online inquires?
  3. What are our competitors doing that we aren’t?
  4. Are the new generation of population more incline to going online for find companies?

Getting this questions answers will help you determine is there a need to revamp your business website.

Some questions to ponder on Step 2 :

  1. Which audience do we want the corporate or company site to serve?
  2. What is the importance of each audience?
  3. How do we answer the question: “What do we do?”
  4. What else do we want the audience to know?

Getting this questions answers will help you determine the type of audiences . Besides that, developed an idea of how you want the website to be structured too.

Questions for Step 3 :

  1. Which Content Management System frameworks should we use?
  2. Should we purchase a template or build the website site from custom made website designers?

Since this is technical article on website designing. Let’s address questions on Step 3 in detail :

Which Content Management System frameworks should we use?

There are many CMS being developed by WordPress and is by far the best. It is also most popular in the world.

WordPress Platform Powers 23 Percent Of Websites In The World, Statistics Say

“Nobody could have imagined that the WordPress platform would turn into a behemoth powering almost a quarter of all websites in the world, turning into one of the pillars supporting the internet on the whole”

Your company website can now be build with Malaysia Website Design using WordPress.

Should we purchase a template or build the website site from custom made website designers?

This is the “cost-effectiveness” point that comes into play.

From the above article again :

Right now, it has over 60 million users all over the world, and this number is constantly growing – thanks in no small part to the fact that WordPress themes, providing an easy access to professional-level design for everybody, even the commercial ones, have significantly dropped in value in recent years. And for those who don’t want to spend anything, there are always free themes at their disposal.

“Truth is, most individual WordPress bloggers do not create their own blog themes. Rather, what most of us do is pick a ready-made theme (or a raw theme) and customize it according to our needs. There are endless numbers of beautiful (and useful) WordPress themes around the Internet – a simple search on Google will lead you to millions.”

Most websites are built on top of ready made themes, so why more more to get a modified theme when you can build a better and quality themed WordPress Malaysia Website Design for cheaper price?

9 common mistakes to avoid when choosing your domain name

These days, having an online presence is essential to the survival and growth of most businesses. A business website helps to establish your online presence, increasing brand awareness and attracting customers.

Sometimes creating a website may not be as challenging as choosing a domain name. Keep in mind that a domain name has a huge impact on the success of your e-commerce website Malaysia.

Here are 9 mistakes you shouldn’t make when choosing a domain name.

1. Choosing a Domain Name That Is Similar to That of Another Brand

While the name you choose needs to represent what your brand is about, it should be unique to avoid getting consumers confused. 

If your brand doesn’t have a strong recognition yet, make sure you choose a domain name that no other brand uses.

You risk losing your customers if you use a domain name that is similar to one that already exists.

2. Thinking That Your Business Name and The Domain Name Must Be The Same.

It is not compulsory for your business and domain names to match. Instead of looking for matching names, focus on getting a domain name that correctly describes your business and what you offer.

Your target audience doesn’t care if your domain name rhymes with your business name. All they want is for your website to meet their expectations.

3. Choosing a Domain Name That is Hard to Say

A domain name that is hard to pronounce will most likely be difficult to remember.

Avoid using words that people shy away from using because of their pronunciation. Stick to words that are easy to say, so that people will not forget it in a hurry.

4. Choosing a Long Name

Not only are short names easy to remember, but they are also easy to spell. When choosing a domain name it is advisable to limit it to one or two words.

Unusually long domain names make it hard for you to be found online and those who may want to access your site with a mobile device may find the name too lengthy. Unless you want to deliberately reduce web traffic, use a short domain name.

5. Opting For a Name with an Odd Spelling

In a bid to make your domain name stand out, you may want to use a name with an odd spelling. This means that the words will not be spelled as pronounced.

Odd spellings are a recipe for disaster. Not only does this make it hard to find you online, but it also frustrates potential customers as even voice recognition software like Siri cannot find you if the customer decides to run a search through them.

6. Choosing the Wrong TLD Extension

TLD here means ‘Top Level Domain’ and it comes after your preferred name. The most popular TLD is ‘.com’ and it is appropriate for most websites. 

However, there are other TLDs that may suit your website better.

That being said, you need to be careful when choosing a TLD extension as some of them sound odd and are associated with spammers. 

You should also not use country-specific TLDs if you are looking to attract customers from different parts of the world. This will make it hard for your website to appear in the search results.

7. Spending Too Much To Get a Generic Name

It’s OK to want to get a generic domain name Malaysia that specifically projects the nature of the services you offer. But spending a fortune just to get it is not a wise move. Generic names are no longer in vogue.

You can opt for other catchy names and invest more in other important aspects of your business such as marketing.

8. Not Picking the Right Domain Name Because Of Cost

If you find the perfect domain name but refuse to go for it, you will end up spending more in the long run.

Domain names are of different prices and well-targeted names cost more but produce the desired result and do not need as much publicity as cheaper names.

9. Not Doing a Thorough Research

It will be a mistake to just choose a domain name without doing thorough research. Search for similar domain names to yours and see what happens when the name is misspelled or when a different TLD is used.

Does it take them straight to your competitors? If it does, you may be losing your customers to them. Plus research helps you to use the right TLD for your website.


If you can avoid these mistakes, you will end up with a suitable domain name Malaysia. Don’t be in a hurry to pick a name.

Take your time and do the proper research to ensure that your domain name does not cause confusion and frustrate potential customers.

Why is email marketing effective digital marketing

There’s no denying the fact that with the advent of social media, a lot of things have changed including the way businesses market their products and services. Digital marketing Malaysia seems to be the only acceptable means of increasing brand awareness and sales. But many people are now of the opinion that marketing efforts like email marketing produce little or no result in this age of social media. This is totally wrong! Email marketing still remains one of the most effective ways of marketing your business online. Here’s why.

1. Email Marketing Boost Brand Recognition

You need to keep ringing the name of your brand in the ears of your target audience. Get them to become familiar with your business and what you offer. Although they may not need your products and services now, some recipients of your mail may interact with you, making inquiries about your brand. This way, they will remember your brand name once they have a need for the kind of services you provide. They may also recommend your brand to their friends and family who need your kind of products or services.

2. People Still Check Their Mails

If there’s one thing that social media hasn’t entirely changed, it is people’s use of email. There is certain information that is best shared via email. So yes, emails are still very relevant and most people check their mail every day or at least every other day. This is why email is an effective way to put your content in front of people. You can be sure that your message will get to them and that they will likely open it. Again, some people consider social media a distraction especially when they are busy with work. They may choose to limit their use or even leave social media entirely, but never do they delete their email account.

3. Email Marketing is Measurable

If you choose a marketing effort whose success is difficult to measure, you may end up achieving very little. Email marketing is measurable and that is one major reason why many brands use it till date. With this type of marketing, you can easily rate the success of your campaign. Going through key metrics like open rate, click-through-rate and bounce rate helps you to understand the behaviors and interests of your customers. Email marketing is one of the easiest ways to know the kind of content that appeals to your customers. This knowledge will help you to create similar content that will capture their interest.

4. Email Marketing is Targeted

Most of the means of advertising and marketing available to businesses are not designed to give you control over those who view your content. Just about anybody can see your content. With email marketing, however, you can segment your email list and send your message based on location, demographics, lead status and other details you have on your target audience. By segmenting your email list, you can send targeted messages based on the interest and needs of your customers. You can also boost your conversion rate by personalizing your messages for each customer.

5. You spend less with Email Marketing

Every business owner wants to save cost and that is what email marketing helps you to do. Unlike most marketing efforts, email marketing does not cost much to execute. You don’t have to spend money on ad space, postage or print. All you need to do is create good content and send to your target audience.


Digital marketing Malaysia presents a lot of opportunities for businesses. Email marketing especially has the potential to take your online business to the next level. It is a powerful and vital tool for expanding your business. If done properly, email marketing may bring the desired result in the shortest possible time. ActiveCampaign Email Marketing & Automation Malaysia ActiveCampaign Email Marketing & Automation

Web design tips to keep people on your website longer

So you have created a website and you want as many people as possible to visit your site, and read your content. But for some reason you haven’t figured out yet, your visitors leave your site almost as quickly as they arrive.

The truth is, if your visitors are not going to stick around long enough to read your content, there will be no engagement and you will have zero chances of increasing your conversion rate.

Plus, your site will not appear in search rankings as Google ranks websites according to engagement. There’s a need, therefore, to have people visit your site and stick around to read your content. Here’s what you can do to achieve this:

1. Make the Website Design Appealing

Whether or not you like it, internet users are moved by what they see. If your website is poorly designed, no one will want to click on it and even if they do, they won’t stick around.

Your audience will also quickly conclude that your content is as poor as your design and they will leave. You need to make your website design as captivating as you can to your target audience.

So ask yourself: who are my target audience and what do they like? It is important to use colors that will not only appeal to your audience but are easy on the eyes.

2. Use Captivating Headlines That Match Your Content

Never underestimate the power of your headline. If you use a boring headline, your audience will leave without reading your content even when it is packed with valuable information.

But if you use an interest arousing headline, your visitors will want to read your content. Bear in mind, however, that creating a captivating headline is not the only thing that you need to make your visitors stay.

You also need to ensure that your headline matches your content. Your headline should help your audience know what to expect. It should not be misleading. Your visitors will quickly abandon your site once the first few lines of your post do not match your headlines.

3. Keep Your Text Short and Simple

Everyone knows that most internet users are not patient readers. The shorter the text, the easier it will be for your visitors to read. Instead of using long words and ambiguous terms, think of using short and simple words.

The main advantage of using short and simple sentences in your post is that it makes your content scannable and easy to consume. Avoid making your article a long read.

Learn to make the main points stand out and keep your content short and interesting.

4. Create Value-adding Content

You also need to ensure that you create content that adds value to your audience. So ask yourself again: who are my target audience and what do they stand to benefit from the article?

If your readers see that your post will not benefit them in any way, they will leave. But if you offer valuable content, not only will they stay for longer, they will also keep coming back for more.

5. Do Away With The Visitors Form

If your visitors find something interesting on your website, don’t ruin the moment with a visitor’s form. Allow them to read your content, comment and contact you without having to fill in any personal information.

If a visitor’s form pops up immediately visitors open your website, many will likely leave within a few seconds. If you want your readers to contact you, leave your email address or your phone number.

They will provide their personal details whenever they get in touch with you.

6. Regularly Update Your Site

Your audience wants to see something new whenever they visit your site, so learn to update your site regularly.

Whether you are adding new content or your updating old ones, make sure that it is something that will interest your audience. There’s no point adding something new if it won’t appeal to your audience.

7. Reduce Page Loading Time

If your site takes forever to load, users will leave and move on to other things even when the website design is beautiful. So you need to reduce the time it takes your site to load.

Note that your images have a huge impact on your loading time. If you notice your page takes time to load, compress large images or use a content delivery network (CDN) to improve loading time.


If people are not spending time on your page, your goal of creating a website will not be achieved. The tips listed above can help you extend the time your visitors spend on your site.

The longer your visitors stay on your site, the higher your chances of converting them into customers.

Why I should update my website software

WordPress is a popular Content Management System (CMS) that enables users to manage the content of their website and accomplish other tasks. It is a powerful tool for creating blogs and websites. It has many integrations and support that allows businesses and bloggers around the world to optimize their site and extend its functionality using plugins. You, however, need to update WordPress from time to time. Here are three important reasons you should do so:

1. Security

WordPress is a free open source platform with a source code that is available to everybody. One of the reasons why WordPress is a common choice for many is that developers can create plugins and themes to extend its functionality. Since the source code is open to the general public, hackers often take advantage of security vulnerabilities. Hackers and other malicious parties watch the release notes. They start exploiting a loophole as soon as they learn of it. The good news, however, is that WordPress developers are always coming up with updates to minimize these vulnerabilities. This means that to protect your site from being hacked, you must update WordPress regularly.

2. Fix Bugs

When Updates to WordPress core, themes and plugins are released they often fix bugs that were found in previous versions of the web app. If you do not install these updates you will be left with the bugs and you may not be able to enjoy the benefits of WordPress hosting Malaysia.

3. To Explore New Features and Functionality

WordPress updates come with new features and functionality. To explore these, you need to install the update. WordPress hosting Malaysia can help to improve the speed of your site and this will positively affect your SEO ranking. The faster your page loading time, the higher your chances of reducing bounce rates and increasing dwell time (time that visitors spend on your site). You can only enjoy optimal performance benefits when you update WordPress.

What You Should Remember about WordPress Updates

Running a WordPress website involves the use of different third-party plugins and themes. These components which are compatible with the latest version of WordPress help you to maximize the functionality of the web app. When you update WordPress, don’t forget to update these plugins and themes as they are built to work with the version of WordPress that is available at the time of their release. So when you update WordPress, these plugins and themes may no longer be compatible with the updated version unless they too are updated. To ensure that you do not lose data when you do an update or when your plugin is no longer compatible with WordPress, do a regular backup of your website. You can always go back to the latest backup if an upgrade causes the site to break. The backup will also help you to detect which plugin or theme is incompatible with the updated WordPress. It is necessary to always check for plugins and themes compatibility before you update WordPress. You should also purchase or download plugins and themes from only reputable sources who provide updates from time to time. This will help to minimize compatibility issues.


It is pretty easy to update WordPress and enjoy the benefits of website hosting Malaysia. But if you can’t do the update yourself, you can get an expert to do the job for you. If you fail to update your website regularly, you will be exposing it to hackers and you will likely face compatibility issues. When it is time for an update, WordPress will notify you when you log into your site. You have the opportunity to review your plugins and themes and remove those that are not in use when updating your WordPress site.

How to improve customer experience in your website

It is for justifiable reasons that top websites hire the very best for their website design. A good web design ensures good website conversions, improves your website security and has your website visitors coming back for more. In today’s digital marketing space, your website can be said to be a 24/7 salesman and as such has the potential to be your most prized asset. This is because it does the talking for you and determines to a great extent what users of your website think about your brand. Be that as it may, rapidly changing digital trends could make your website feel somewhat outdated. Hence, the need to sometimes redesign your website. Whether it be a website, blog, landing page or ecommerce website Malaysia, you want to sell a product or service and would need people to get hooked to your mailing list. Your website design is what most often than not makes these visitors to your website return. If you put consistent and adequate effort into your website design, you can improve your conversions. In order to improve user experience via a brilliant web design, let’s define in clear terms what user experience entails. User experience simply put is exploring the possible ways to make the experience of visitors as valuable and meaningful as possible. For the most part, a great user experience would usually mean that the intending user:
  • visited the website,
  • scrolled through several links and different pages,
  • understood what the website was intended for and
  • finally got what they wanted.
This user experience can be improved upon by paying attention to very little details that are usually neglected when designing a website.

1. Do Not Let Your Website Be Too Loud

Websites that scream for attention with loads of colours, animations and disorganized content simply put an eyesore to users not mentioning that they take a long loading time. As much as you crave for simplicity in your web design, nobody likes a poorly designed website. You should therefore pay attention to these little details. Be careful not to use too many popups Use white spaces Simple website design sample

2. Use Conventions to Your Advantage

There is no denying that making use of conventions is key to bringing the best out of your website. Although it can be argued that this might be less creative, most users would usually not have the luxury of time of finding out your website. Using conventions like placing logo on the left corner, search future in the header, sign-up form in the footer and social sharing buttons sticky on the left side of the page can help a great deal. Conventional website design sample

3. Use Visual and Typographic Hierarchies

The text contained in the body of the website must be easily distinguishable to increase its readability. Use of hierarchical levels like Title, Headings, Subheadings and Paragraph/body text would usually help. To establish visual hierarchy, size, colour, weight and position should be well used. For the most part, the important text is darker, bolder and larger. Indeed, as the importance of the text decreases, the prominence of the text also decreases. Website design text hierarchy

4. Optimize General Website Performance

Not only does the design of the website and its content matter, how the website is developed is equally significant. You should optimize website speed or loading time, make it a responsive and mobile-friendly design so that it can work well for screens of all sizes.

In a Nutshell

The importance of a good web design cannot be over-emphasized. You should take note that the aforementioned tips are only the basics. Generally, you would also need to start analyzing how people are visiting your website and what exactly they do on it. If you want your website to do well, you need to start optimizing your website and testing it periodically. Need more advice? Get in touch with our friendly staff at

Why is it important to secure your website

With cybercrime on the rise, internet users pay a great deal of attention to their online security. People are becoming increasingly wary of the links they click or websites they visit because personal details and preferences of different individuals are being ripped off every day by unauthorized personnel. To keep people visiting your website without the fear of being hacked or their personal details stolen, you have to ensure your website is secure. You surely do not want to be hacked and holding on tightly to the “it won’t happen to me” mentality which would simply do you no good. If that is the case, this begs the question – Is your Website Secure? There are a number of ways websites get attacked these days and you should be exposed to the possible forms of attacks before taking down notes on how to keep your website secure. These days websites are attacked through spam mails, viruses and malwares, DDoS attacks, WHOIS domain registration and search engine blacklists among others.

How to Keep Your Website Safe from Attacks

Now that you have become acquainted with the most common security threats your websites are prone to face, let’s prevent it from happening. Apart from having a brilliant web design, your website needs to be hack-proof.

1. Use HTTPS Protocol

If your website doesn’t currently run on an HTTPS protocol, it is high time you got one. This gives your site visitors an assurance that they are transacting or interacting with the right server and nothing else can alter the content they come across. Without this protocol, a hacker is granted the freedom to alter information on your web page in a bid to steal information from your website visitors. It is clear to an intending website visitor that the website is safe if there is a https:// starting the URL as compared to http:// which implies the website is not secure. Https protocol website security

2. Choose a Safe Web Hosting Plan

Putting things in perspective, you share the same levels of protection as the servers of your web hosting provider. Using a shared hosting plan is a commonly explored option these days because of its appealing price. Always go for a web host that provides website hosting Malaysia with good security. Feel free to check out some of the plans here: Safe website to make transactions

3. Secure your Personal Computer

It is common practice for hackers these days to target an individual’s website by injecting malware into the individual’s target. These malwares are charged with the responsibility of injecting malicious files into websites by stealing FTP logins. In order to fight against this, ensure your personal computer and devices are monitored by an antivirus software which doesn’t just trap viruses but can smoke out malwares and control them. Antiviruses are not as antique as most people think and can save you a lot of stress. Use secure personal computer

4. Limit User Access

If you have employees or are hiring a consultant, blog writer, ensure you do not give them the same access as you have to the website backend. This is because even if you take all precautionary measures and these individuals aren’t careful, your website becomes compromised anyway.

Limiting user access

5. Update your Passwords

If these tips were ranked in order of importance, this should top the list. Do not repeat passwords you share with other websites. Regularly update your password to make it even harder for hackers to get access to your website. You could use free password managers to generate long passwords that are almost impossible to crack. Using a web host that makes use of a two-factor authentication would also help a great deal. Inserting password to login

In a Nutshell

If you haven’t taken any conscious steps to ensure the security of your website, you are running at a great risk and could soon be a playground for beginner hackers. The aforementioned tips would provide the utmost security that your website needs. Remember prevention is better than cure. Always stay safe and secure!

7 Must-haves for Ecommerce Malaysia Websites

In recent times, Malaysia has become a tech hub, embracing the tech culture like they were its first adopters. Consequently, its internet users have increased by a large exponential value, with every Malaysian wanting a deep bite of the internet.

This has brought about a big boost in ecommerce in Malaysia. For an ecommerce enterprise, it is important that your website is well mapped out.

Your ecommerce website is like a storefront. If this store is packed with hidden treasures but its storefront is left looking jumbled up and cluttered, only a few will be willing to venture in.

Most online shoppers do not have the luxury of time to click every link available on your home page. It is therefore imperative that you ensure an excellent web design. This is to make it easier for people to do business with you, after all, there are a number of competitors hoping to poach your customers.

That said, let’s take a quick look at some must-haves for your ecommerce Malaysia website.

1. Simple yet Enticing Homepage

It is a widely known truth that first impressions count and no other place is it more evident than ecommerce website Malaysia. Just the way you’re attracted to a physical store with a beautiful façade, your windows, texts, images and links on your ecommerce website must be enticing to customers.

Since your site would contain a number of items, it is essential that your search box is placed in a conspicuous position. Push your best products forward and improve your customer personal experience by including things such as past purchases, location, etc.

Ecommerce home page

2. About Us Page

Most online shoppers tend to trust online ecommerce sites more when there is a face to it. New customers would usually be wary of making payments on their first visit to your website so except you have a really popular brand name, it is essential that you let your customers meet you through your about us page.

Make your sentence structures personal with your customers to make them more comfortable with shopping via your site.

About us page

3. Make it Easy to Send Things to Your Shopping Cart

Make your checkout link attractive and pretty obvious. In the cart, the customer should be able to see in one glance, the price of the product to be bought, estimated sales tax and shipping information.

This has been proven to make your customers and first-timers alike keep coming for more.

Shopping cart

4. Digital marketing

You might have a lot of good and fancy products on your ecommerce website Malaysia but you will be unable to get customers thronging in, if you fail to explore the power of digital marketing Malaysia. 

Make use of blogs to advertise your products and explore other options like email and social media marketing.

blogs for digital marketing

5. Web Hosting Malaysia

For your ecommerce site to grow in leaps and bounds, it is important that you employ the services of the best web hosting Malaysia options. It would provide your site with the best security features so that frauds cannot be perpetrated on your site.

It improves your shopping cart compatibility, security, uptime, speed, customer service, SEO ranking and automated backups. 

For a start, you could get a secure web hosting provider that can ensure the security of your website. An example of a web host used by most sites is WordPress hosting Malaysia.

Wordpress website sample

6. Payment options

To make your customers keep returning for more, you have to ensure that their shopping is hitch-free, more so, their payments. In addition to accepting credit cards, let them use other secure payment platforms like Paypal, Payoneer and Skrill

If this is done, customers can just plug in their passwords rather than have to search for their wallet each time they want to check out.

Payment options

7. Customer Reviews

Most online shoppers irrespective of what they might say don’t like to be the first to try out a new product. They prefer to hear from someone else who has tested the product.

If that is the case then, make a provision for customer reviews. The reviews do not have to be positive always, in fact, as a perfect blend of positive and negative reviews can help build your trust factor.

A clean glowing review can in most cases make people wonder if they are fake.

Customer review

In a Nutshell

In conclusion, to keep online shoppers trooping-in in their numbers and giving positive reviews, it is essential that they feel they can trust you and your site is well secured, satisfies customers and well-advertised.

Does your ecommerce website have the above mentioned must-haves? Tell us about it.

10 Best Templates for Your Ecommerce Website

If you own a small business and you need your customer base to expand without putting up a sales outlet/branch office in another location due to your budget, creating an online store or adding one to your website can help to generate revenue for your business and also reach new customers.

Business owners can broadcast their businesses online thereby contacting customers who are out of their regular business area through eCommerce Malaysia functionality.

Using an amazing website design is very important when setting up eCommerce Malaysia websites regardless of the platform in use. If you wish to achieve great sales and you want your products to be in the spotlight, your template needs to be eye-catching, responsive and of course, well designed.

Once your website has a super template, it gives you an added advantage regardless if you are a professional web designer helping to set up your client’s eCommerce, or you own a business and wish to set up a new store online.

Best eCommerce Website Templates

Here is a list of ten website templates for eCommerce online stores. They have amazing features to help achieve great designs that can be useful for your clients or your online store.

wokiee shopify theme

1. Wokiee: Multipurpose Shopify Theme

With Wokiee, buyers can control every aspect of their eCommerce Malaysia website as it provides amazing tools like web design and flexibility.

It has a 5.0 rating which is earned by offering to help those who purchase with video tutorials and support forums. It also has bonus apps like:

  • Compare
  • Instagram shop/feed
  • Related products
  • Megamenu
  • Special Price Countdown
  • Wish list
  • Quick view
  • and lots more!

Demo site using Wokiee Shopify theme:

Gecko: Responsive Shopify Theme

2. Gecko: Responsive Shopify Theme

A lot of Shopify themes on Themeforest are top eCommerce themes and Gecko is no exception.

It has an almost perfect rating and also accrediting a lot of sales to its name. If you are into organic produce, craft, and handmade products, furniture, online fashion stores and a host of others, Gecko is what you need.

Demo site using Gecko Shopify theme:

supro magento 2 theme

3. Supro: Minimalist AJAX Magento 2 Theme

Created by ArrowHiTech, Supro is one of the best ways to have your product range exhibited. It supports third-party extensions.

Demo site using Supro Magento 2 theme:

cosy woocommerce wordpress theme

4. Cosi: Multipurpose WooCommerce WordPress Theme

For WooCommerce lovers, this multipurpose WordPress theme has some varied and stylish layouts. Cosi possesses very slick and bold designs for visuals and typography.

Demo site using Cosi WooCommerce WordPress theme:

outlaw woocommerce wordpress theme

5. Outlaw: Stylish WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Outlaw has a stylish WooCommerce theme that is self-proclaimed. With sass and attitude that drips and transits with clean motion, adding an excess level of appeal.

Demo site using Outlaw WooCommerce WordPress theme:

iOne shopify theme

6. iOne: Drag & Drop Minimal Shopify Theme

iOne has over 12 particular demons and a variety of layouts too numerous to mention, Flexslider, layered navigation, quick view pop, autocomplete search, AJAX wishlist, and cart, Instagram integration, etc.

Demo site using iOne Shopify theme:

Porto Magento theme

7. Porto: Ultimate eCommerce Magento Theme

Porto has a full-width layout in its possession and also having a total homepage layout of eighteen. it is a responsive eCommerce Malaysia theme.

Demo site using Porto Magento theme:

journal opencart theme

8. Journal: Advanced Opencart Theme

With Journal you get absolute control over your online store. This template has over two thousand editing options and is considered an OpenCart. Suitable for complex and simple stores.

Demo site using Journal Opencart theme:

ultimo magento theme

9. Ultimo: Fluid Responsive Magento Theme

You can customize your store with its very sophisticated admin module. It is responsive and easy to operate.

Demo site using Ultimo Magento theme:

Prestashop them

10. Warehouse: Responsive Prestashop 1.6 & 1.7 Theme

Regardless of the device used by your visitors, the bootstrap framework is a feature that ensures your store always looks good. The warehouse is a responsive and clean Prestashop theme.

So here you go, the 10 best templates for your ecommerce website! Give them a try, and you won’t regret it!

Digital Marketing tips to increase revenue

If you need insight on how to market your products or businesses online, this blog post will come in handy. It is much easier to market your products or businesses through an online store platform than the traditional tactics of marketing. 

Over time, marketing businesses online has proven to be cost-effective and also reaching out to your target audience is less difficult.

If the website designs and campaigns are underperforming, you can proceed to optimize them to suit your taste. You also get notified when your link is clicked or email hosting Malaysia is opened.

Best Online Marketing Tips

These are some of the best tips for online marketing :

1. Identify your target audience and know how to target them

This is a very important tip and should be focused on because if the right set of individuals or customers are not targeted, it might result in your losing money. You can hire a marketing company to help you handle the research online for your target market.

2. Optimize your site

For your website to be found by search engines and be ranked, it must be optimized. This involves having an H1 tag, meta description, a title, alt text for your images, relevant keywords, and the appropriate amount of text.

3. Google Ads Malaysia

Through the marketing tips we provide online, you can pay to have your businesses advertised on Google AdWords Malaysia and ensure it appears on the search result’s first page.

4. Advertisement Congruence

These tips simply imply that your page should possess the same information as the ads which you put up on Google AdWords Malaysia.

5. Write Blogs

When a written blog possesses a lot of keywords that are important and are of rich content, it ranks higher in the search engines due to the responses it triggers.

6. Backlink

This involves another website with a link to your website page. When there is a backlink from another site domain name that commands more dominance than yours, it increases your ranking because Google will receive a signal of how credible your site is.

7. Internal linking

Internet linking increases the strength of your website and it upgrades your ranking. Learn about content marketing and its importance because the more content you have, the better.

8. Google My Business

If optimized correctly, “google my business” allows you to stand out amongst the numerous. You will be doing your business a disservice if you don’t have a “google my business” option.

9. Keep your content fresh

Regular updating of contents on your websites keeps the search engine actively on your page and improve your ranking. It also brings the customer wants more therefore back to your page.

10. Update your website

Updating the content of your website shouldn’t be your only priority, rather you need to have it looking catchy and constantly evolving.

11. Have a cool website design

Improve your user experience by adding cool features to get them engaged and engrossed like parallax scrolling.

12. Make sure your website is responsive

A lot of users will not return to your website if it is not responsive. So be sure to have a mobile-friendly website.

13. Utilize website pop-ups

Pop-ups are very vital as they can be used to retrieve information from individuals who visited your site like email addresses. Customers who visit for the first time can also be given discounts or coupon codes to persuade them into buying your products or services.

14. Integrate social media into your site

Social media is another way to reach out to millions of people. Social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook (to mention just a few) can help improve, increase and grow your business engagement, so make sure their icon visible on your website.


In today’s digital age, we know it’s much more effective to reach your prospects and customers online. Traditional marketing can cost you more and be less effective.

So if your business can adopt all the aforementioned steps, you can be sure to see obvious improvement and results.

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